LTO revokes license of ‘passenger-side driver’

After failing to appear despite a subpoena, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) decided to revoke the driver’s license of a motorist seen driving a vehicle from the front passenger’s side.

On Thursday, the LTO barred Miko Lopez from acquiring a driver’s license and also stripped him of his privilege to drive a vehicle.

Lopez is charged with various violations such as speeding, reckless driving, failure to wear or a seatbelt, and unauthorized motor vehicle modification.

LTO said that Lopez failed to appear before the agency despite the issuance of a subpoena.

In a statement, Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said that LTO’s decision to revoke the driver’s license of Lopez should serve as a “stern warning” to other motorists.

“Driving on public roads is a privilege. Owning a license is a privilege. When we use those roads, we partake in the shared responsibility of road safety. What Mr. Lopez did was an utter disregard for the safety of motorists and pedestrians. He poses a danger to the public and, therefore, has no place on our public roads,” Tugade said.

In a video that surfaced and was widely shared on social media, Lopez was seen driving while riding shotgun. The video showed how Lopez steered the vehicle from the passenger seat while using his left foot to hit the gas and brake pedals.

Lopez was also seen lighting a cigarette while driving.

Aside from the viral video, Lopez also posted photos of him while driving over 120kph without a steering wheel. Another photo of Lopez also showed himself driving through a highway at over 220 kph.

LTO chief assistant secretary Edgar Galvante urged the public to report erring motorists like Lopez.

“The safety of the public is and will always be our top priority. Hence, we shall not hesitate to strip the privilege of motorists who willfully endanger others. We encourage the public to report drivers like Mr. Lopez. We implore our citizens to take part in penalizing arrogant road users so they are not emulated,” Galvante said.

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