MMDA to again propose EDSA ban on single-occupant cars

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is planning to again propose a ban on “driver-only” vehicles along the stretch of EDSA.

In an interview with CNN Philippines, MMDA’s EDSA traffic discipline zone head Edison Nebrija said that they are planning to again present the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) scheme before the Metro Manila Council (MMC).

“We will be proposing it again… if they want to improve traffic of EDSA, this is one of the solutions we’re looking at that will greatly improve (it),” Nebrija said.

The MMDA needs the approval of the MMC, which is composed of 16 city mayors and one municipal mayor, before implementing any traffic scheme.

The MMDA suspended the full implementation of its ban on driver-only vehicles along Metro Manila’s busiest highway in August last year after it received the Senate resolution which urged the recall of the scheme.

Should the driver-only vehicles be implemented, motorists who will be caught plying EDSA will be fined P1,000 for each infraction.

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