MMDA enforcers to get hazard pay

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers are set to receive additional employment benefits such as hazard pay.

In a statement, the MMDA said that it is “finding ways“ to grant additional allowance to enforcers who are managing traffic along the stretch of EDSA.

MMDA chairman Danilo Lim said that the agency will write a letter to President Duterte to revive the hazard pay benefit for the traffic enforcers.

A study led by Emmanuel Baja of the National Institute for Health-University of the Philippines revealed that traffic enforcers who man traffic on EDSA may face health risks such as high blood pressure and respiratory problems due to exposure to carbon monoxide and heavy metals.

“I understand your plight in manning your posts and we have been pushing for the granting of your hazard pay considering the risks you encounter daily,” Lim said.

In 2017, the MMDA asked the House of Representatives to pass a law providing traffic enforcers with salary increase and hazard pay.

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