MMDA’s no-contact policy nets 377K motorists, PNP chief

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)’s no-contact apprehension policy caught a total of 377,429 traffic violators from January to May 2019.

A report from The STAR said that the figure is significantly higher versus the same period in 2018 when 15,715 violators were cited.

The MMDA attributed the increase to its intensified efforts to discipline motorists passing through Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares such as EDSA.

In the first quarter of 2019, the MMDA cited 272,440 motorists for violating the yellow lane policy, 41,641 for disregarding loading and unloading zones. In terms of disregarding traffic signs, 20,070 motorists were ticketed while 12,604 were caught parking their vehicles illegally and 11,888 ignored the number coding scheme.

The MMDA also said that 7,659 were caught violating the closed-door policy, 5,370 disregarded the motorcycle lane, while 2,831 obstructed traffic.

The agency also documented 1,457 drivers who failed to comply with the dress code for public vehicles while 728 were cited for “roof tagging“ and 418 for disobeying the anti-distracted driving act, The STAR reported.

Around 370 motorcycle riders were also caught for failure to wear crash helmets; 253 were cited for reckless driving.

Meanwhile, Philippine National Police chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde disclosed during an interview with One News’ The Chiefs that he received a citation last month for two traffic violations via MMDA’s no-contact apprehension.

The police chief said that he was cited for ignoring traffic signs on yellow lanes and for ignoring the regulations on the use of the lane along the southbound portion of EDSA near Boni Avenue, according to The STAR.

Violators of MMDA’s no-contact apprehension policy receive notice of their violation through registered mail. – With reporting from Robertzon Ramirez/STAR

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