Heavy downpour submerges vehicles in QC

The heavy downpour brought by a low-pressure area off Casiguran, Aurora inundated parts of Metro Manila on Monday night, catching pedestrians and motorists by surprise.

Aside from E. Rodriguez-Araneta Avenue and España Avenue corner Lacson in Manila, the intersection of Scout Tobias and Timog Avenue in Quezon City became a testing ground for some vehicles’ wading prowess.

In a facebook post by Josh Drew, a series of videos showed how vehicles were forced to wade through the almost waist-deep flood.

Some managed to escape, including a 14-wheeler truck. However, others including some European vehicles, failed to overcome the challenge.

Some motorists who unfortunately got stuck in the middle of the intersection sought help from passersby while others opted to wait for the flood to subside.

The flood stranded a number of motorists which triggered traffic in the area.

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