WATCH: Beggar pounds car with rock after demanding P100

What would you do?

A vagrant who reportedly demanded P100 hammered a lady driver’s vehicle with a rock as it was going northbound on EDSA today.

In a Facebook post by Mane Teodoro, dashcam footage showed a still unidentified man slowly walking in front of a car – causing it to stop abruptly in the middle of slow-moving traffic.

Teodoro said that the man threatened to throw a rock at the vehicle if she did not give alms.

This prompted Teodoro to briefly open the car window to hand him some coins.

However, the man demanded Teodoro to give him P100.

“Sumesenyas na pag di sya binigyan, babatuhin nya yung kotse (He was motioning that if I didn’t give him money, he’d throw the rock at my car,” Teodoro said on her post.

When Teodoro said that she did not have enough cash with her, the man then reportedly tried to put his hand inside the vehicle.

This prompted Teodoro to close her vehicle’s window which caught the arm of the beggar. Teodoro said that it was at this point that the man then pounded the car window twice with the rock.

The arm of the man can be seen striking the car with something 1:13 into the video.

“Dahil hindi ako nagbigay pinukpok nya ng bato yung windshield twice habang nakaipit kamay nya sa window, mabuti hindi nabasag (Because I didn’t give him money, he pounded the window two times with a rock while his other arm was caught in the window. It’s a good thing the glass didn’t break), she added.

“Inipit ko sya para walang pwersa sa pagbato ng windshield, pero natakot naman ako umandar habang nakaipit sya, baka maputol yung kamay (I put up my window so he wouldn’t have an momentum to hurl the rock into my windshield, but I was afraid to move while his arm was pinned because I could have broken it), ” Teodoro said.

The man also scratched her vehicle using the rock, according to Teodoro. After the incident, Teodoro, along with her officemates, immediately sought help from the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) near a mall in Mandaluyong.

“Wala pang three minutes may lady driver na naman na same ang nangyari (Barely three minutes had passed when another lady driver complained of a similar incident).

Mas malala yung gasgas ng kotse nya, yupi yupi sa unahan kasi sinubukan nya pala iwasan. Pinukpok ng ilang ulit yung sasakyan nya (Her car’s scratches were worse, the front was dinged badly because she tried to evade him. He repeatedly pounded her car),” added Teodoro.

Teodoro warned her fellow female drivers to avoid the innermost lane of EDSA after Guadalupe Bridge.

Meanwhile, MMDA traffic czar Edison Nebrija said that they have called their rescue unit to look for the suspect and alerted the Mandaluyong City police.

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