Damaged Manila road to be upgraded

The 50-year-old road, a portion of which caved in when a sand-filled truck passed it, will be upgraded by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

In a report by The STAR, the DPWH South Manila District Engineering Office is set to undertake soil exploration activities from Roxas Boulevard to MH Del Pilar Street to determine the construction timeline and the extent of work that needs to be done.

“The road, which sits on top of a box culvert and built in the 1970s will be upgraded to conform with the present standard design of the department,” the DPWH said in a statement.

A 14-wheeler truck caused the road collapse at the corner of Remedios Street and Roxas Boulevard on Sunday.

The DPWH said that the road gave in because of the truck’s excessive weight at 42 tons.

Officials said that underneath the portion of the road that collapsed was a double barrel box culvert forming part of Manila’s drainage system, The STAR reported.

According to the truck driver, they were barred from entering Roxas Boulevard by traffic enforcers because of a fun run, then instructed to take an alternate route through a service road.

The truck came from Pampanga to deliver sand to Baywalk for the Manila Bay rehabilitation project.

DPWH district engineer Mikunug Macud said they would file charges against the truck driver for violating the load capacity limit and for negotiating a secondary road, which trucks are prohibited from passing. – With reporting from Edu Punay/STAR

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