WATCH: ‘Modus’ or accident? Pedestrian hits, topples over moto rider, passenger on C5

A motorcycle rider tipped over after being hit by a pedestrian who appeared to be running away from a confrontation along C5 Toll Plaza last Thursday. 

In a Facebook post by Ernest Gidoc, dashcan video shows a man in a pink shirt suddenly emerging from the underpass around 5 p.m. The man runs across the road in an apparent bid to run away from a knife-wielding man when incoming motorcycle hits him.

But as the motor rider along with his passenger attempt to get up, the man immediately bolts away from the scene, as well as the person chasing him.

Meanwhile, a woman is seen approaching the scene of the accident to pick up a couple of items on the ground. Afterwards, she hurries away from the scene.

A voice on the video (presumably the driver of the vehicle with the dash cam) yells to traffic officials at the scene about the woman. “Don’t let her go… she’s the cause of (the accident),” he says in Filipino. 

Authorities have yet to release a statement regarding the incident. 

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