Engineer: Make EDSA southbound, C5 northbound

Are people going to like this bit of unsolicited advice?

To resolve the worsening traffic congestion in the metropolis, a mechanical engineer proposed to transform EDSA and C5 into single-direction thoroughfares. 

In a report by The STAR, Guevara and Partners Inc. president and managing partner Fernando Guevara said he would pitch to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to turn all of EDSA into an exclusively southbound road, while both directions of C5 could be made solely northbound.

Aside from that proposal, Guevara also suggested to install 96 bus stops that would line up the EDSA-C5 loop. The bus stops would have 500 meters distance in between them.

He said that in doing so, around 350,000 vehicles would get to drive up to 40 kilometers per hour, which doubles the average speed of 19.37 kilometer per hour, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Guevara added that motorists might be able to speed through EDSA at 90 kilometer per hour should his proposal push through. 

Reacting to the suggestion, MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago said that the agency “appreciates ideas from different people and organizations… they are something to start on.”

In 2017, Samar representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento had also proposed the same scheme, and proposed Roxas Boulevard’s conversion into a northbound thoroughfare. – With Ghio Ong/STAR

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