Actor Montero unhurt after race crash

Actor-model Troy Montero was unhurt after a race incident yesterday at the latest stage of the Vios Racing Festival organized by Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP). Video on several social media posts showed the moment when Montero’s Vios unit crashed into the car of fellow racer John Dizon as they were speeding on the Clark International Speedway.

Montero was put on stretcher after the accident and quickly rushed to a hospital, where he was shortly cleared for release.

According to TMP first vice president Cristina Arevalo in a text to WHEELS.PH, “(Montero) is  okay. He was checked at the hospital, took necessary tests, and was cleared. He could have raced again in the afternoon, but his race car needed major repair. John Dizon is also fine.”

In an Instagram story, Montero’s wife and fellow Vios Racing Festival participant Aubrey Miles reposted footage of her husband’s race incident. “Troy (was in a mishap) but he’s fine,” went her caption.

Owing to rain, quite a number of participants experienced spinouts and aquaplaning. Actress Chienna Filomeno lost control of her Vios and hit a wall. 

Arevalo said the three were brought to a hospital for tests, and were subsequently cleared for release. They went back to the race, but Troy couldn’t compete anymore because his car was heavily damaged. 

“I ran across Troy and Aubrey Miles last night and Troy kept saying he’s so grateful for the safety equipment installed in the cars,” revealed Arevalo. “We prioritize the safety of all our Vios Racing Festival participants, and that they can walk away unscathed after racing incidents like these proves it.”

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