WATCH: Bikers chase down drunk driver after hit-and-run

A driver who was under the influence of alcohol was cornered after attempting to escape a hit-and-run incident in Taytay, Rizal on Monday.

According to the Taytay Police report, the incident occurred when the driver of a gray Toyota Fortuner (AQA 3474) encroached on the opposite lane, eventually hitting another Fortuner which, in turn, collided with a motorcycle behind it.

Photo by RG Neil Vergara
Photo by RG Neil Vergara

However, instead of checking if the victims were okay, the driver, later identified as Jessamin Clark, immediately drove away, turning the hit-and-run incident into a 30-minute car chase.

As the driver attempted to escape, several motorcycle drivers who witnessed the accident pursued the fleeing motorist.

Witnesses said that Clark hit several vehicles and pedestrians while trying to get away.

“The driver did not care whether she’d hit a vehicle or a pedestrian while she was trying to escape,” RG Neil Vergara said in Filipino.

However, after playing cat-and-mouse for half an hour, the driver of the SUV was cornered after the vehicle’s engine failed. 

The driver, along with her passenger were taken to the police station. Clark was eventually freed after settling amicably with the victims.

In a Facebook post, Vergara has encouraged everyone who may have been affected by Clark’s actions to visit the Taytay Police station.

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