Porsche Design Manila opens latest boutique at Solaire

Porsche Design Manila recently unveiled its 2019 Fall/Winter Collection during the formal opening of its latest boutique at The Shoppes at Solaire.

Drawing inspiration from city racers, the new collection of Porsche Design Manila is said to express personal freedom, authenticity, and courage to perform. The collection has unmistakable driving-inspired accents and dynamic shapes that are characterized by state-of-the-art designs that blur the line between business and casual outfits.

The sportswear collection, on the other hand, reflects the active lifestyle of the modern city life.

It attempts to show a statement of style, ambition, form and function that serves as a perfect companion in everyday use such as jogging in the park, working out in the gym, strolling through the city, or mingling with friends in a bar. 

In an interview with WHEELS.PH, Hans Yao, managing director of Porsche Designs Manila, said, “The collection is an expression of personal freedom, authenticity, and the courage to perform.  As a key element of the collection, the featured patterns used also draw inspiration largely from Porsche cars such as the seat belt material used in the jackets, and the quilted finish-on pieces seen in car seats.”

He continued: “(The event) sought to highlight the heritage of the Porsche Design brand by closely associating it with the Porsche 911 car. We want our customers to understand that the Porsche Design collection is inspired by the design ingenuity of Professor FA Porsche.  It was Professor Porsche who famously quipped, ‘If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.’ Functionality and form go hand in hand for all of Porsche Design’s products.”

Aside from Porsche Design Manila’s new set of fashion collection, the event was also highlighted by four vintage and customized air-cooled 911 Porsches from car collectors.

The first is a gray 1968 Porsche 911 Targa, an iconic vehicle in the late 1960s up to the 1970s that features a removable and foldable roof along with a metal wrap over roll bar behind the seats. It became popular back then when concerns that the US Department of Transportation would ban the use of convertibles. 

There is also a 1974 Porsche 911 “Safari” that sports a heavily modified suspension and is designed to take a lot of punishment during rallying. It features fully equipped with rally lamps and roof rack to secure its spare tire and other off-road and rallying equipment.

The popular car brand models is also joined by a 1983 Porsche 911 SC RS that comes with a three-liter naturally aspirated engine and conventional rear-wheel drive. This vintage Porsche model has an engine power that is raised to 250 horsepower (as opposed to the 204-horsepower series version) that was made possible through the higher valve stroke along with a cylinder heads of the 935 engine. 

Completing the display of vintage Porsches is Angie King’s 1992 RWB “Noah” Porsche 911, that started as a 964 Porsche 911 that undergone heavy modification to look like an early classic 911. 

The Porsche 911 displays will be exhibited at The Gallery, Solaire until October 12.

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