WATCH: Hammer-wielding ‘batang hamog’ tries to open truck’s cargo hold

Add to the worsening traffic situation and the prevalence of vehicular accidents, the incidence of outright theft in broad daylight on the road.

A kid was caught on video in the act of attempting to break into a truck’s cargo hold with a hammer while the vehicle was stuck in traffic along R10 in Tondo, Manila.

In a video sent to WHEELS.PH by Jaycen Galang, a group of kids could be seen standing on the center island along R10 while one of their companions attempts to extract something from underneath the truck. 

However, the young delinquents quickly run off after the truck driver notices that they are up to something.

In another video by Galang, one of the kids returned to the rear the truck and then pulled out a hammer in a bid to break the lock of the vehicle’s cargo hold while his friends serve as lookout. 

However, the youngster  eventually stops after realizing that the padlock wasn’t breaking.

Previously, a truck driver was robbed in the same area. Authorities were able to arrest the men behind the robbery.

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