MMDA to allow illegal parking near cemeteries for ‘Undas’

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will partially walk back the effort to crack down on illegal parking – at least during the coming All Saints’ Day weekend. The agency will temporarily allow illegal parking around cemeteries in Metro Manila.

According to MMDA General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia, authorities would not apprehended motorists who would illegally park their vehicles near cemeteries.

“Some parking, sa vicinity lang ng sementeryo papayagan ang one-side… at double-side parking… hindi manghuhuli ng illegal parking (We’ll allow one-side and double-side parking in the vicinity of cemeteries. We won’t apprehend), ” Garcia said.

He said that the agency’s personnel would ease up on arresting motorists who would leave their vehicles within the vicinity of cemeteries beginning on October 31 up to November 2.

Garcia said that the agency will coordinate with the local government units in Metro Manila to identify areas where parking will be allowed. However, motorists who would “obstruct traffic flow” would be flagged down, according to Garcia.

MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim said that the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program for provincial buses will be lifted on October 31, Thursday, and November 4, Monday, in order to accommodate more passengers heading to their provinces. 

The MMDA will deploy around 2,300 personnel from October 30 to November 4 to assist people going to cemeteries around Metro Manila. – Ghio Ong/STAR

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