HPG: Road mishaps kill 4 people daily

An average of four people die in road mishaps every day, according to the Philippine National Police’s Highway Patrol Group (HPG).

The HPG reported that out of the 9,663 road accidents that occurred from January to September 2019, 1,186 were killed, which could have been avoided if the drivers were more careful on the road. 

The highest number of deaths was recorded in February with 188, followed by 186 in September, and April with 161.

The HPG said that 8,809 road accidents this year were caused by reckless driving such as bad overtaking, speeding, drunk driving, and cellphone usage while driving.

Additional causes include poor road conditions, mechanical defects of vehicles and other factors.

The HPG has urged motorists to practice responsible driving to avoid further cases of road mishaps.

According to HPG director Brig. Gen. Dionardo Carlos, motorists can learn responsible driving through proper training. “Through education, both four wheel drivers at motorcycle riders will know what they are supposed to do before they move,” he said.

Gen. Carlos advised motorists to be extra careful when on the road to avoid accidents.

“Even when traffic is slow-moving, we should maintain a safe distance between vehicles,” he said. – Emmanuel Tupas

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