Tow crew arrested for extortion try

You could say these four tow company workers wrecked their lives.

Authorities them after the foursome allegedly attempted to extort money from a jeepney driver following a road accident in Quezon City.

In a report by The STAR, the driver of the public utility vehicle said the suspects seized the vehicle he was driving after figuring in an accident in Barangay Libis.

The driver said that instead of taking his vehicle to the headquarters of the Quezon City Police District at Camp Karingal for investigation, the suspects towed the vehicle and reportedly demanded P5,500 as “service fee.”

The suspects allegedly lowered the fee to P4,000. However, Narag did not give in and instead, sought the help of the police after the suspects refused to bring the jeepney to the police station. They were apprehended along CP Garcia Avenue in Barangay UP Campus.

The four employees are being held by the police and facing charges of grave coercion and obstruction of justice. – Manny Tupas

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