What you should know about Parañaque’s no-contact apprehension policy

Aside from the worsening state of traffic congestion in the metro, the lack of discipline by some erring drivers is one of the problems that both the riding public and motorists often endure on the road nowadays. 

That’s why in order to help its traffic enforcers, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) installed closed-circuit television cameras along major roads in the metropolis to identify erring motorists.

As a result, the MMDA’s no-contact apprehension scheme in 2019 apprehended 377,429 traffic violators from January to May alone, significantly higher than 2018’s 15,715 violators in the same period.

In the first quarter of 2019, the traffic agency apprehended 272,440 motorists for violating the yellow lane policy, 41,641 for disregarding loading and unloading zones, 20,070 for disregarding traffic signs, 12,604 for illegal parking, and 11,588 for violating the number coding scheme.

The MMDA said that 7,659 were apprehended for violating the closed-door policy, 5,370 for disregarding motorcycle lanes, 2,831 for obstruction, 1,457 for failure to comply with the dress code for public vehicles, 728 for “roof tagging” and 418 in connection with the anti-distracted driving act. 

Some 370 motorcycle drivers were apprehended for not wearing crash helmets and 253 were apprehended for reckless driving.

With the surge of traffic violators in the country, some local government units have also implemented their own version of the scheme not just to ease the traffic flow but to instill discipline in motorists.

Aside from Valenzuela City, Parañaque City is one of the local government units in Metro Manila that is extremely strict when it comes to implementing its traffic rules and regulations.

In a report by The STAR, some motorists have complained that Parañaque City’s no-contact apprehension drive has become mainly a fund-raising scheme and has in fact aggravated traffic.

According to the report, some motorists pointed out that since no-contact apprehension was implemented along the junction where Sucat Road meets Ninoy Aquino Avenue, there has always been a long line of northbound vehicles waiting to turn left to Kabihasnan and Coastal Road on the single lane allotted for this, leaving underused the three other lanes where traffic is always light.

In relation to the complaints of some motorists who frequent the roads of Parañaque, a Facebook post circulated in 2018 claimed that a driver was asked to pay P39,000 after being caught 13 times through Paranaque City’s no-contact policy.

“So, as of today, I already have 39,000 pesos (13) worth of violation (3,000 each) that I’m unaware of at may padating pa (for approval) No contact apprehension is a real thing in Parañaque,” the post read.

In 2018, the local government of Parañaque launched its no-contact policy in a bid to resolve the traffic flow within the city.

The traffic system uses high-speed, full high-definition cameras that can identify plate numbers which can be cross-referenced through the Land Transportation Office’s Local Government Unit Integrated Law Enforcement System.

According to Parañaque City’s no-contact apprehension website, the policy covers all roads and intersections within the jurisdiction of the local government. Should a motorist be caught violating a traffic rule, a notice of violation and ordinance violation receipt will be sent to the driver’s registered mail through PhilPost.

To settle the corresponding fine, violators may pay at the Parañaque City Traffic and Parking Management Office at the Parañaque City Hall.

Meanwhile, violators who refuse to settle their violation won’t be able to register their motor vehicle at the Land Transportation Office. Additionally, the city government of Parañaque will also coordinate with the City Fiscal’s office, the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation for appropriate actions.

However, motorists may contest their violation by visiting the Parañaque Traffic and Parking Management Office working days upon receipt of the Notice of Violation and Ordinance Violation Receipt to file a contest. 

Motorists may visit https://nocontact.paranaquecity.net to check if they have violated traffic rules or regulations in Parañaque City. – With Robertzon Ramirez

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