‘We don’t judge’: Angkas may deny heavy passengers for safety reasons

Motorcycle taxi-hailing firm Angkas informed its users that “heavy passengers” may be denied from its service to ensure safety on the road.

On its newest app update, users of the motorcycle ride-hailing app will be asked to answer a weight safety check by getting the person’s weight range to match them “with the right biker“ in order to provide a safer riding experience.

However, Angkas clarified on Friday that the recent addition of its weight safety check is “all about safety.”

It maintained in a statement: “This is based on our discussions with the DOTr at the start of the pilot back in June 2019. You can find this specific provision already referenced in the passenger safety cards carried by our bikers and the materials posted online.”

Angkas said that the weight safety check is only on its data collection phase as of today, saying that “weight is not yet being factored into bookings.

“Eventually, our goal is to ensure all bookings match you with the most appropriate bike and biker,” Angkas explained.

“For now, this should not impact anything from before, and rest assured we are treating this sensitive data with the utmost care,” Angkas added.

Meanwhile, LTFRB board member Antonio Gardiola Jr., who heads the technical working group on motorcycle taxis, said that the ride-hailing company risks being blacklisted due to “clear and blatant” violations of the pilot run’s guidelines. 

The STAR reported that Angkas has apologized to the government following the allegations of defiance and bullying during the pilot testing of motorcycles as public transport. 

“I apologized for what has been called defiance or bullying, wherein we are just being very passionate in what we are trying to do to help the Filipino people and our bikers,” Angkas chief transport advocate  George Royeca said.

“I’m sorry if this has gone to a different level of inconvenience to the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board), to the DOTr (Department of Transportation) and the riding public. Please don’t mistake what has happened as defiance. We are passionate to serve the public,” Royeca maintained. – With Richmond Mercurio

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