Philippine motor vehicle output up, motorcycle production dips


Motor vehicle production in the country posted double-digit growth, while motorcycle assembly dipped in 2019.

Data from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Automotive Federation (AAF) showed the Philippines produced 95,094 motor vehicles last year, 19.2 percent higher than the 79,763 units manufactured in 2018. 

Based on last year’s performance, the Philippines posted the second fastest growth in motor vehicle output in the Southeast Asian region. 

Myanmar saw the biggest increase in motor vehicle production last year as its output grew 26 percent to 15,496 units last year from 12,292 units in 2018. 

Also ending 2019 with higher motor vehicle output was Malaysia which assembled 571,632 units last year, a 1.2 percent increase from the 564,971 units in 2018. 

Countries which assembled fewer motor vehicles last year meanwhile, are Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. 

Thailand produced 2.01 million units last year, down from the 2.17 million units in 2018, while Indonesia made 1.29 million units last year — 4.2 percent lower than the 1.34 million units in 2018. Vietnam had 176,203 units last year, a 12-percent decline from 200,436 units in 2018. 

ASEAN’s motor vehicle output decreased 4.8 percent to 4.16 million units last year from 4.37 million units in 2018. 

The same data showed the Philippines posted growth in motor vehicle sales last year. Motor vehicle sales in the Philippines reached 369,941 units last year — a 3.5 percent uptick from the 357,410 units in 2018. 

Also posting higher motor vehicle sales in the region are Myanmar which sold 21,916 units last year, 25 percent higher than the 17,524 units in 2018; Vietnam which had sales of 322,322 units, 11.7 percent more than the 288,683 units in 2018; Brunei with sales of 11,909 units, a 6-percent increase from 11,226 units in 2018; and Malaysia which sold 604,287 units, up one percent from the 598,598 units in 2018.

Countries with lower motor vehicle sales are Indonesia, which sold 1.03 million units, a 10.5 percent decline from 1.15 million units in 2018; Singapore with sales of 90,429 units, down five percent from 95,243 units in 2018; and Thailand which sold 1.01 million units, a 3.3-percent slide from 1.04 million units in 2018.

Motor vehicle sales in the regio slid 2.9 percent to 3.46 million units last year from 3.56 million units in 2018. 

While motor vehicle production went up last year, the country’s motorcycle and scooters output registered a decline. 

The Philippines produced 1.16 million motorcycle and scooters last year, 7.7 percent lower than the 1.26 million units in 2018. 

Thailand also saw its motorcycle and scooter output drop 5.6 percent to 1.95 million units last year from 2.06 million units in 2018. 

Malaysia’s motorcycle and scooter output, meanwhile, grew 19 percent to 553,382 units last year from 465,083 units in 2018.

ASEAN produced a total of 3.66 million motorcycles and scooters last year, down 3.3 percent from 3.79 million units in 2018. 

Even as motorcycle and scooter output in the Philippines fell, the country’s sales went up 7.2 percent to 1.70 million units last year from 1.59 million units in 2018. 

Other Southeast Asian countries which saw sales go up are Malaysia which sold 546,813 units last year, 16 percent higher than the 471,842 units in 2018, and Singapore which sold 19,356 units last year, 60.6 percent more than the 12,053 units in 2018. 

Thailand, on the other hand, registered a 3.9 percent decline in sales to 1.72 million units last year from 1.79 million units in 2018. 

ASEAN’s motorcycle and scooter sales were up 3.3 percent to 3.99 million units last year from 3.86 million units in 2018.

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