WATCH: Motorcycle champ pleads forgiveness from hot-headed motorist

A professional motorcycle racer found himself at the receiving end of a motorist’s fury following a road rage incident on Wednesday.

In a clip posted by Yang De Castro on Facebook, professional motorcycle racer Masato “The Chairman” Fernando can be seen kneeling and pleading for forgiveness from two unidentified men over a traffic altercation.

Despite Fernando’s effort to appease the situation, the two men continued to berate the veteran titleholder. 

Before driving away, one of occupants of the vehicle grabbed Fernando’s bag and threw it away. 

“Hindi niyo alam pang bato ng Pilipinas ang binully niyo. Malaking ang ambag sa Pilipinas ng taong binully niyo, nagmakaawa at lumuhod sa inyo,” De Castro said.

De Castro said that they are seeking to identify the men behind the road rage incident. 

Fernando represented the Philippines in the Asian Road Racing Championship in Sepang, Malaysia in 2019.

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