MMDA begins apprehension of private vehicles on EDSA bus lane

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said on Friday that they already started apprehending private vehicles that are using the designated bus lanes on EDSA.

In an interview during One News’ Agenda with Cito Beltran, MMDA traffic czar Edison ‘Bong’ Nebrija said that they started apprehending vehicles that pass through the designated lanes for buses in order to instill discipline among motorists. 

“Actually kahapon pa lang nagsimula na kami kasi sabi nga namin three days would be enough so Monday to Wednesday puro kami pakiusap and yesterday nagsimula na manghuli,” Nebrija said.

“It’s time for apprehension so that we could instill discipline for those who are repeated offenders,” he explained. 

Nebrija clarified that apart from buses, police and military vehicles as well as emergency responders will be temporarily allowed to use the designated bus lanes. 

“So ang advice is payagan muna yung mga police and military as long as they’re using a marked vehicle. Hindi pu-pwede ang red plate lang. Kailangan marked vehicle talaga para malaman namin na AFP, PNP sila or emergency responder sila,” Nebrija said.

Meanwhile, Nebrija said that as of June 23, 2020, they already recorded 42 vehicular accidents involving concrete barriers along the stretch of EDSA.

However, the MMDA official said that the cause of these accidents can’t be blamed on the concrete barriers placed along the stretch of EDSA since they are stationary. 

“Accidents do happen… even without the barriers. Before we’re averaging 30 to 35 accidents a day on EDSA for different causes. This one, nag 42 [accidents] tayo June 23 pa lang,” he said.

“Hindi natin pu-pwede sisihin talaga yung barriers because the barriers are immovable, nandyan lang ‘yan eh,” Nebrija said.

He said that some of the motorists who crashed into the barriers were either distracted or under the influence of alcohol.

“We’re doing our own investigation also pag nababangga yung barriers namin. Tinatanong namin yung driver ano ang nangyari. So meron dito mga rason nakatulog, meron kami nakita dyan nakainom… meron din distracted, they’re using their phones,” Nebrija explained. 

“Others they keep on insisting ‘yung  passing through the busway na they’re not allowed. Eh ang problema dyan, wala kang sinusundan, solo mo yung daan, mabilis ka… you can hardly notice that you are already overspeeding,” he added.

The MMDA earlier said that they will place hazard markers along the metropolis’ busiest highway after reports of vehicular accidents involving concrete barriers.

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