DOTr clarifies FAQs on RFID installation

The Department of Transportation took to social media to shed light on several issues regarding the installation of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on vehicles passing all the tollways in the country.

In a Facebook post, Asec. Goddes Hope Libiran clarified some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the public about RFID installation. Here’s the summary of the answers from the transport official:

  1. Toll operators have a Dec. 1 deadline to implement 100 percent cashless transactions on toll roads. The installation of RFID stickers will continue well beyond December, especially for first-time toll users and new vehicles.
  2. Vehicle owners can have RFID stickers by booking an appointment online and going to installation sites on their chosen date, to off-site installation sites that accommodate requests per area upon request, or to the appropriate lane in toll gates, or to installation sites/tents near toll booths.
  3. If you fail to secure a slot in the appointment system and still don’t have RFID by Dec. 1, you can go to the toll and have your RFID installed right there. There are RFID installation lanes at toll gates, manned by personnel who will assist you. From Dec. 1 to Jan. 11, 2021 (transition phase), installation of RFIDs on all toll lanes or booths will be 24/7.
  4. For those living in the provinces or don’t pass on tollways often, they will need to have an RFID installed once they pass the tollgate. A dedicated stickering lane will be allotted for motorists once the transition phase ends on Jan. 11.
  5. During the transition phase, motorists with insufficient load balance in their RFID accounts will still be allowed. They can re-load their accounts on the tollbooth or via the toll operator’s top-up loading device.
  6. The load on your RFID has no expiry date.
  7. For comments, complaints or inquiries on the RFID sticker, load, o process, the public is advised to reach out to the following numbers:


SMC Autosweep:

  • Phone: (02) 5-318-8655 (TOLL)
  • Website:

Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) hotline M-F 8AM to 5PM

  • Landline: 02 8631-5901 / Smart: 0919-560-9527 / Globe: 0915-163-6468

For weekends and beyond office hours, text/message the numbers or the TRB’s Facebook / Twitter account or email [email protected].

  • Since 2017, DOTr had an ongoing initiative to integrate all RFIDs into one system, called the Toll Interoperability Project that aims to implement 100 percent cashless transactions on toll roads. It consists of three phases:

• Phase 1 – Implementation of Cashless payments

• Phase 2 – One RFID and two wallets (the single RFID will be readable both on north and south expressways, but you still need to maintain two wallets, meaning you have to purchase load for each toll system)

• Phase 3 – One RFID and one wallet

Aside from the info stated above, the DOTr stresses another important point: From Dec. 1 to Jan. 11 (transition phase), there will be no apprehensions for vehicles without RFIDs. But after Jan. 11, only one or two lanes/booths/tents will be converted as stickering lanes. Signs will be erected to direct motorists to the installation area. Motorists are warned though that they can be issued tickets and face penalties if they line up in an RFID only lane, especially if they are causing delays on the vehicles behind them.

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If you still don’t have an RFID after the transition phase and you insist on passing through a “RFID only lane” without having an RFID sticker, you will be given a ticket. The violation will either be Disregarding Traffic Sign or Obstruction, depending if there are other vehicles in line and waiting behind you.

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