Unlucky motorist violates bus lane, gets stuck in bumper-to-bumper jam

It pays to stay informed about traffic laws in Metro Manila. In a viral video on Facebook, a motorist ended up stuck in a bumper-to-bumper jam along EDSA Balintawak going to Monumento after using the bus lane.

The video continues showing how slow-moving the busway was, while the other lanes were experiencing moving moderate traffic. Emphasizing the jam, commuters in the video were seen walking within the barriers.

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Watch the video below:

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has dedicated the two left-most lanes of EDSA for buses since public utility vehicles were allowed to operate after lifting the strict quarantine measures. Barriers were put up for the said lanes to allow commuters to walk safely in loading and unloading areas.

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The unlucky motorist will be fined with P1,000, the penalty for EDSA busway violators. It’s the same penalty imposed for those violating the yellow lane policy for buses.

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