Woman driving without license arrested after assaulting MTPB enforcer

A 26-year-old female driver was arrested after assaulting, resisting, and disobeying a Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) officer in Malate, Manila on Thursday morning.

According to a spot report from MPD S.Ma.R.T., the motorist was flagged down by MTPB enforcer Marcos Anzures Jr. after she was spotted beating the red light while driving a white Toyota Fortuner along Osmeña Highway around 8 a.m.

The motorist, however, continued driving, prompting the officers to chase her. When the driver was stopped at the corner of Estrada St. and Osmeña Highway, she allegedly refused to present her driver’s license or other documents.

After the enforcers sought the assistance of a mobile crew, the suspect gave a copy of her OR/CR but failed to present her driver’s license.

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When she was instructed by the officers to follow them to the impounding area, the driver allegedly refused and began to assault them.

In a video posted by the Manila Public Information Office, the motorist was seen beating up Anzures while asking for her OR/CR back.

The 26-year-old continued to grab on the enforcer’s uniform as she got back into her car. She resumed asking for the return of her OR/CR, reasoning out that it wasn’t hers. Other enforcers approached the situation to diffuse it, but the suspect resumed hitting Anzures, who was shown bleeding due to the assault.

Watch the clip below:

Authorities said the woman was taken to the MPD SMaRT precinct for investigation. The Manila PIO, meanwhile, said that aside from driving without a license, the female driver was also charged with direct assault over the incident.

According to the Land Transportation Office, those who will be caught driving without a valid license will be fined P3,000. Erring motorists will also be disqualified from being granted a driver’s license and will also be prohibited from driving a motor vehicle for one year.

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