Part of EDSA is filled with mud once again, causing inconvenience to motorists

Last week, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had to clean up mud along Guadalupe. Traffic czar Edison ‘Bong’ Nebrija joked about the situation, saying someone volunteered to fix the potholes along the road with mud, which the MMDA got busy cleaning up.

A week after the incident, the MMDA is dealing with mud once again but this time along the Ayala Tunnel.

“Heads up guys! Please avoid Ayala Tunnel NB. There are mud on the road dumped by unknown truck,” Nebrija posted on Facebook.

The traffic czar adds that two motorcycle accidents have already happened and recommended motorists to take the busway or service road.

In another post, Nebrija noted how the situation has caused inconvenience to a number of ambulances. Based on his post, he seems to think that the mud was intentionally dumped on the road and not an accident.

“To the one who intentionally dumped these mud on EDSA. Di po kami naperwisyo mo bayad po oras namin, pero sana makunsensya ka sa ilang ambulansya na naperwisyo ng kalokohan mo,” he wrote.

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