Subaru electrifies Singapore Motorshow 2023

With restrictions almost non-existent, events in many parts of thr world are back in full swing. What better way to welcome the year than to have a glimpse of the future in the present. Luckily, I had the chance to do so at the Singapore Motorshow 2023.

And with the major gear shift in the automotive industry, I’d say the future looks very promising—particularly, greener and smarter.

Subaru released an electrifying wave in the form of its all-electric SUV — the Solterra. Equipped with All-Wheel Drive with X-MODE (which encompasses Downhill Assist Control and five-level Grip Control), and the highest ground clearance in an EV, the Solterra integrates the Subaru brand’s core values, including its outstanding off-road DNA.

It also impresses with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety technologies such as the Level 2 Advanced Driver Assist System of Autonomous Vehicle Safety Technology, along with Advanced Park and Road Sign Assist systems.

Meanwhile, dressed up in a sportier ensemble, we were also greeted by the Forester e-Boxer Hybrid GT Edition. Similarly, it received Subaru’s most sophisticated Driver Assist Safety System to date – EyeSight 4.0 and an array of enhanced autonomous safety features.

The Subaru Forester e-Boxer Hybrid SUV, in the flagship GT Edition variant

Powered by the unique e-Boxer engine which features an electric motor and high-voltage battery combined with Subaru’s petrol Boxer engine, the new system is engineered to provide efficiency as it’s capable of automatically switching between three driving modes. With e-Boxer, the Foresters now offer smoother handling, a more responsive acceleration, enhanced off-road capability and better efficiency.

“We are starting this Singapore Motorshow on the right gear with a celebration of Subaru’s multiple firsts. Firstly, with the launch of the legendory all-new fifth-generation sporty WRX and WRX Wagon, as well as the stunning GT Edition of Subaru’s well-loved Forester e-Boxer Hybrid. Also, making its first ASEAN debut, Subaru’s first EV – the Go-Anywhere SUV, Solterra will be unveiled! So, get ready to ignite your senses with what the Subaru brand has to offer,” said Glenn Tan, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director, Tan Chong International Limited.

It’s evident that the brand is taking the sustainable road, and doing so in an electrifying way. This is the positive impact the environment and consumers yearn for; we’re hoping to see more strides toward that direction in the future.

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