Toyota Launches All-New Crown in Japan

Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled its all-new Crown Sedan model in Japan today and will begin accepting orders. The launch is planned for November 13.

Last year, Toyota announced four new Crown models representing a “Crown for a new era.”

Rather than simply sticking to a sedan design, the development entailed a thorough reexamination of what the Crown is about. While inheriting the Crown’s DNA of innovation and pushing the limits, the new models align with the diverse values and lifestyles of customers. The first to be released was the Crossover, a vehicle combining a sedan and an SUV.

Since the development was revisiting the Crown’s origins and the original Crown had been a sedan, the team also decided to build a new Sedan type. They created a car that offers excellent ride comfort and a high-quality driving experience, as well as a relaxing space meeting the needs of chauffeured cars. The new style redefines the traditional sedan, a reinvention reaching for new value as the “new formal” serving both personal and business purposes.

With sights on a hydrogen-powered society, the flagship Crown Sedan also gets an FCEV version that emits no CO2 while in operation. It accompanies an HEV version, the choice of many customers, to increase their options and meet diverse needs while contributing to the popularization of electrified vehicles and the realization of carbon neutrality.

Elegant appearance embodying the “new formal”

  • In keeping with designer intent to avoid an orthodox sedan, a new value was put forward with the creation of a sedan representing the “new formal.” Taking advantage of a rear-wheel drive platform, flowing proportions along the horizontal contribute to an elegant, flowing appearance not seen in earlier sedans.
  • The combination of a hammerhead design, emphasizing a sharp, wide feel, and a large Under Priority trapezoid grille with a vertical pattern form front face that underscores the Crown’s status as Toyota’s flagship vehicle. At the rear, the taillights in a straight line from side to side emphasize the wide feel.

Interior design

  • Island architecture*1 is emphasized with a large wood-grain panel extending in a continuous line from the instrument panel to the doors on either side and a console that appears to rise out of the panel. A composed yet spacious interior space is the result.
  • Illumination is choreographed according to a Japanese aesthetic incorporating the spirit of omotenashi, or hospitality. LEDs supporting 64-tone color switching are positioned at both ends of the instrument panel, in the leg space of the front seats, and on the sides of the rear door trims. The indirect lighting, occurring as a gentle, lantern-like glow, gives the cabin depth and comfort.
*Island architecture is a design in which various functions such as displays and shifts are grouped together and arranged like an island.

Color design

Six colors giving play to mature sensitivities reflect the style of use, which spans formal to personal. White, Silver, and Black create a more formal impression, whereas Metal, Grey, and Bronze impart a more personal feel. Two color themes are available for the interior―a sophisticated Black and a Mid-brown that instills a kind of glamorous air.

Pinnacle of hospitality meets the needs of chauffeured cars―spacious rear seats and excellent ride comfort

  • A three-meter wheelbase allows for spacious rear seats, meeting the needs of chauffeured cars. Ample legroom makes it easier to move about for a smooth entry and exit.
  • Numerous hospitality features (including relaxation features and power sunshades) help create the ultimate mobility space.
  • Optimization of suspension settings and control over damping force with an Adaptive Vehicle Suspension system ensure that unevenness on road surfaces does not carry through to occupants. Rolling on turns and vibrations from rough roads are minimized.

Powertrain supporting diverse needs and carbon neutrality (FCEV and HEV)

High-performance FCEV system

  • FCEVs run on hydrogen, a fuel that can be produced from a variety of energy sources and contributes to the preservation of the global environment and energy security. They are electrified vehicles that emit no CO2whatsoever while in operation. In addition to the value required for chauffeur-driven vehicles, such as quietness and environmental considerations, we have achieved acceleration performance and a fun driving experience that only FCEVs can provide.
  • The same high-performance fuel-cell system as the Mirai is used. Equipped with three high-pressure hydrogen tanks and fuel cells, it is possible to drive around 820 kilometers per three-minute hydrogen refill. Torque surges from the moment the accelerator is pressed, enabling the smooth increase in power expected of an FCEV, while the quietness and riding comfort allowed by an electric motor are also achieved.

2.5-liter Multi-Stage Hybrid System

  • The Crown Sedan is the first Toyota vehicle equipped with a newly developed 2.5-liter multi-stage hybrid system. The engine and two motors, combined with stepped gears, achieve a driving torque that supports acceleration from all speed ranges. In this system, maximum engine output is available from around 43 kilometers per hour compared to 140 kilometers per hour with existing systems.
  • Engine revs stay low at high speeds, enabling quiet operation with low fuel consumption. While downsizing engine displacement, both powerful dynamic performance and fuel efficiency are achieved.

External power supply/Emergency power supply system

  • By connecting an external power supply, you can supply high-output power to your home or electrical appliances. (FCEV only)
  • Both FCEV and HEV allow you to use electrical products through two accessory outlets (AC100V 1500W) inside the vehicle. It can supply power not only while the vehicle is running but also when the vehicle is stopped as an emergency power supply system.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices

 PowertrainDrivelinePrice* (JPY)
Z [FCEV]2nd generation FC systemrear wheel drive8,300,000 (PHP 3,125,110)
Z [HEV]2.5-liter Multi-Stage Hybrid Systemrear wheel drive◎7,300,000 (PHP 2,748,590)


The new Crown Sedan is available through KINTO subscription services for individuals or companies from November 9.

KINTO packages include automobile insurance (optional insurance), automobile taxes, maintenance, and other car-related costs, and provides them for a fixed monthly fee. All steps can be completed either online or at dealerships, from quoting to signing of the contract. Packages for the new Crown Sedan start at an easy 108,130 yen per month (including tax)*, with customers able to terminate their contract early if necessary.

Details such as delivery dates will be posted below on November 9 (Thursday), when we will begin accepting applications.

For details, please visit

The Crown Estate will also be offered through KINTO.

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