GWM flexes new models at Auto China 2024

Auto China has returned after a long absence due to the pandemic. Also known as the Beijing International Motor Show, it has returned after a long hiatus with the last event produced in 2018. A lot more people came to the event because of this and Great Wall Motors certainly took advantage of this comeback limelight by flaunting all their latest models. 

Tank 700 Hi4-T PHEV

The Tank 700 is a full-size SUV that makes no compromises on power, luxury, comfort, and efficiency both on and off the road. It has a 3-liter turbo V6 that is complemented by a plug-in hybrid system and a 9-speed automatic, resulting in a combined output of 516 hp and around 800 Nm of torque while electric-only range can go up to 90km. There’s also adaptive air suspension that ups the water wading capability from 900mm to 950mm. 

The Tank 700 Hi4-T is an off-road ready plug-in hybrid, with a trick aperture cover in the headlights

The exterior certainly takes inspiration from the icons of the luxury offroading scene but the Tank 700 has its own little tricks. Those include the low position taillights, horizontal LED DRL on the windshield, and the mechanical aperture cover on the headlight bulb itself. 

GWM Philippines said they’ll be bringing in the Tank 700 in limited numbers this year.

Ora 03 EV

The Ora 03 EV looks small but it’s sized like a subcompact crossover.

Those who went to the 2024 MIAS know that the Ora 03 was made available in the Philippines already, though in limited numbers. Don’t fret with the 2024 version that was launched here in Auto China because there were only additional color options. All other specs remain the same including the range of around 400km. 

What’s great is GWM Philippines has confirmed that they’ll be bringing in the sportier version of this EV, named the Ora 03 GT, in limited quantities. 

Ora 07 EV

The Ora 07 is a faster version of the 03 with a bit more legroom.

If the 03 isn’t up to your liking in terms of size, then you might fancy this longer, more upscale version of that EV. The 07 has an option for a single motor, or dual motor for more performance. The single motor has 204 ps and has a range of 640 km, while the dual motor version puts out 408 ps and 680 Nm of torque, and can last up to 483 km. I was able to drive this briefly during my time in China and all I can say is, I didn’t want that moment to end.

You’ll also be glad to know that the 07 is also slated to arrive in the Philippines this year in limited quantities. 

Haval H9

The Haval H9 is the newest flagship of the luxury offroader from Great Wall Motors.

GWM Philippines will have another 7-seater SUV in their lineup soon as they confirmed the arrival of the new Haval H9. It keeps the boxy trend of the Menglong SUV that was previewed in MIAS 2024, but the Haval has a bigger grille, though it’s only obvious if compared side by side. 

There are two options for its power – a 2-liter turbo with 221 hp and
385 Nm or a 2.4-liter turbodiesel with 185 hp and 480 Nm. GWM Philippines isn’t sure yet which one they’ll get for our market. It also flaunts a BorgWarner 4WD system and three diff locks. 

Haval H6

This face of the Haval H6 is currently for the combustion engine version only.

Haval also updated their H6 crossover but only for the combustion engine model so most probably, this won’t arrive in our country since we have the hybrid over here. It features a new front face with ‘Star River’ design that highlights a larger grille and flaunts new tear-drop DRL from the headlight assembly. Inside, there isn’t much revision except for the slightly larger screens and updated firmware for the infotainment system.

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