JEC Episodes travels to Visayas and Mindanao with 3 overland rigs

Jec Zshornack shares his lifelong dream of exploring the Philippines, from the highest mountains, to the deepest valleys, in the first episode of Jec Episodes Philippine Loop: Overland Exploration, available for viewing now on YouTube.  

After starting off their journey last March 10, 2024, the team of three overland rigs were able to cover destinations in Visayas and Mindanao—many of which produced unprecedented challenges along the way.  As they made their way through areas previously uncharted, it was such a relief for the team that refueling was never a worry, given the abundance of Shell gas stations all throughout the country. Whether it be in the famous Gigantes Island of Iloilo, to rendezvousing with Jose Rizal’s monument in Dapitan, to taking in the sights and sounds of Marawi, all three rigs were filled to the brim with Shell V-Power Diesel.


Most of the time, the team travelled by day, but a number of destinations required them to push forward during the darkest of nights. PIAA’s lighting systems installed on the 4×4 workhorses made sure that whatever path the group took would be illuminated properly.  And all the action was captured by DDPAI’s ever reliable dash cameras that never skipped a beat.

Part of any journey is sampling local cuisine, and the team was able to enjoy food that the respective provinces are famous for.  No one would ever miss taking a slurp of La Paz Batchoy noodles that traces its origins in 1938 from Deco’s of Bacolod.  Just a short drive meant that Jec and the crew were munching on authentic Chicken Inasal from Manokan Country.  

Deco’s La Paz Batchoy

As the team progressed throughout the loop, other overlanders also caught wind that something big is brewing from what Jec is trying to accomplish.  As such, there was never a shortage of local offroaders and adventurers who were willing to extend a helping hand.  As the team made their stop in Cebu, they were welcomed by United Cebu Offroaders in Balamban.  Touching down in Cagayan De Oro, Karrjackson and Team CDO 4×4 were next to embrace the team, taking them to local tourist destinations such as white water rafting and camping in Opol, Misamis Oriental.  United Bukidnon Overland Expedition was the next stop, which meant visit to the communal ranch in Impasug-Ong followed by overlanding in Malaybalay, which provided a much-needed break from the summer heat, with temperatures reaching as low as 18 degrees Celsius.

Chef Marc Pateña prepares the food for the whole team.

If the Visayas leg offered up different ways of tickling one’s palate, Mindanao provided panoramic views from its various elevations.  Jec and the team went to the Tent City in Alamada, Cotabato—one of the highest points in this area.  For a view of the Sarangani Bay, a trek up the highest point of General Santos was required.  In Davao, where a team from Tiresmart Davao was waiting in anticipation, Catigan Mountain Breeze was the next box to be ticked—with cold and rainy weather experienced all day in this spot that is about a thousand meters above sea level.  Travel to Mindanao would not be complete without making a pilgrimage to ground zero in Marawi, where hundreds of lives were lost in battle, but also where hope springs anew for recovery and change.

Sultan Kudarat

Getting from one island to another would not have been possible, if not for FastCat, which essentially created bridges in between destinations through their seamless network of Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO) catamarans all over the Philippines.  Jec Episodes wants to share this ferry safe, ferry fast, and ferry convenient experience to anyone who wants to travel by sea via FastCat.  Discounts are available through Jec Episode’s code: FCJEC2024. Just input the code when you book via FastCat’s website or through their social media platforms. 

All these were shared by Jec in the first two episodes of this six-part cine-vlog that have been uploaded on his YouTube channel.

So what’s next for Jec and the team? His thirst for exploration has not been quenched, so the team is powering further in its homecourt of Luzon.  For this leg, they are better prepared as they carry their learnings from Visayas and Mindanao into this final stretch.  

Watch out for what remains of this amazing journey by following Jec and the team’s social media channels. By doing so, you can be part of the fulfillment of a little boy’s lifelong dream of exploring a country he calls “home.”

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