Unedited: Ford’s Legendary Horses

When Ford invites you to spend a day with its finest steeds – and within their own elements, if I may add – you don’t say no. The automaker handed us the keys to two of its legendary models: the Mustang and the Bronco. 

Both vehicles embody Ford’s storied legacy, yet each one brings its unique flair to the table. Whether you’re tearing up the track or conquering the wild, these steeds are poised deliver unforgettable experiences. And that we did.

The Pony Car

The Ford Mustang has long been synonymous with American muscle. The latest iteration of this icon, the Mustang GT S650, continues to uphold its heritage while embracing modern advancements. 

At the heart of the Mustang GT lies the fourth-generation Coyote V8 engine, which in its most potent form, churns out a whopping 486 horsepower and 567 Nm of torque. With the exhaust flaps fully open, the roar of the engine is nothing short of exhilarating, outshining its predecessor, the S550, in every possible way.

Taking the Mustang GT S650 out on the track was a revelation. The difference between this model and the older versions is stark. This pony car rockets to insane speeds effortlessly, embodying the raw power that Mustang enthusiasts crave. 

But what truly sets this model apart is its handling. The S650 handles like a dream, almost like a small sports car rather than a brute muscle machine. Tight corners are no longer a challenge, thanks to the new Magneride adaptive suspension, which responds beautifully to quick turns.

The advanced traction control system and other electronic aids provide a sense of confidence that’s hard to match. Pushing the Mustang GT to its limits on the track felt natural, and its ability to maintain composure in tight turns was impressive. Unlike older models where the rear could get away from you, this iteration is much more forgiving, making it a joy to drive aggressively. At a price point of over P3 million, the Mustang GT S650 isn’t just powerful; it’s also incredibly driver-friendly.

This is the most powerful Mustang to hit the Philippine shores, and it has left me eagerly anticipating even more powerful iterations in the future. The Mustang GT S650 is a testament to Ford’s commitment to refining and enhancing their vehicles while staying true to the spirit that made the Mustang a legend.

Beyond Mall Parking Lots

On the other end of Ford’s spectrum lies the Bronco, an off-roading icon that has been revered for its rugged capability and adventurous spirit. The Bronco has evolved through six generations, with the current model available in the Philippines being the Outer Banks version. At nearly P5 million, this variant comes equipped with the Sasquatch package, featuring 35-inch Goodyear tires, 17-inch beadlock-ready wheels, Bilstein shocks, and more. These features ensure that the Bronco is ready for the great outdoors straight from the showroom floor.

Under the hood of the Bronco lies a twin-turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine, delivering 330 horsepower and 563 Nm of torque. This engine provides ample power, with torque coming in early at around 1,800 rpm, making it perfect for off-road adventures. 

However, the Bronco’s true prowess isn’t just about power; it’s about its off-road performance.

Ford has ensured that the Bronco’s off-road capabilities are second to none. During our test runs on a challenging off-road course, there were no obstacles the Bronco couldn’t conquer. Despite its heft, it was surprisingly easy to maneuver through tight tracks, thanks in part to the onboard cameras that acted as virtual spotters. These cameras allowed us to navigate through tricky terrain without ever having to leave the driver’s seat, making every dive and turn manageable.

Water-wading was a cinch, comparable to navigating a mall parking lot. The Bronco’s trail turn assist feature, which locks one of the rear wheels to facilitate tight turns, proved invaluable. This feature transformed difficult maneuvers into simple tasks, highlighting the Bronco’s versatility and capability.

Owning a Bronco means more than just having a powerful off-road vehicle; it means embracing the adventure it promises. Priced at around P5 million, the Bronco is an investment in rugged exploration. If you’re lucky enough to own one, do yourself a favor and take it out into the wild. You’ll appreciate its full potential and realize that your investment is well spent.


The Ford Mustang and Bronco stand as testaments to what Ford can achieve on opposite ends of the automotive spectrum. These vehicles need no editing or enhancements right out of the showroom; they are more than capable and ready to perform.

Truth be told, you don’t buy a Mustang or a Bronco because you need them in your life. These are vehicles you buy because you want them, because you can afford them, and because you don’t care what the critics say. They’re non-negotiables – you either have the passion and the means to own one, or you don’t. It’s as simple as that. They’re pure moneyball plays, haters be damned.

The Mustang and Bronco are legendary for a reason. Each offers a distinct driving experience that caters to different facets of the automotive enthusiast’s soul. Whether you’re chasing the thrill of speed on the track or seeking the call of the wild off-road, Ford’s legendary horses are ready to deliver.

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