Experience Electrified with Lexus’ Midyear Promo at the Powerplant Mall Display this Weekend

This month, Lexus Philippines is having an exclusive midyear promo on select models offering various financing options that will make one’s Lexus ownership experience within more reach. Lexus guests can avail up to 50% downpayment with up to 36 months 0% Interest financing plan, free insurance, and a comprehensive after-sales service that will make one’s Lexus journey an extraordinary experience. 

Choose the IS 300h Executive which starts from ₱3,268,000 that combines a powerful yet efficient hybrid engine with a sophisticated design, offering luxurious comfort with leather upholstery, advanced infotainment, and a spacious cabin. The IS 350 F Sport (₱4,228,000), which can also be enjoyed in this month’s promo, enhances the driving experience with a sporty design, a 3.5-liter V6 engine delivering exhilarating performance, sport-tuned suspension, aggressive styling, and advanced driver-assist technologies.

You may also opt for the ES 300h Executive or the ES350 Premier, starting at ₱3,878,000 which combines elegant design with a hybrid powertrain for the Executive variant and a robust 3.5-liter V6 engine for the gas variant. The ES line is known for a smooth and efficient drive, offering a plush interior with premium materials, a state-of-the-art sound system, and comprehensive safety features.

If you fancy the Lexus’ flagship sedan – the LS 500 Premier, starting from ₱9,938,000 is also part of the promo this month. The LS epitomizes luxury and performance with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and a meticulously crafted interior, offering unmatched comfort with features like massaging seats, premium audio, and advanced safety and driver assistance systems.

For the Japanese luxury brand’s SUV offerings — the UX 300e, starting from ₱3,838,000, is an all-electric model that offers an eco-friendly yet luxurious driving experience, with a stylish and aerodynamic design, electric powertrain, and a host of modern amenities including a high-resolution display and driver-centric cockpit.

There is also the NX 350 F Sport, starting from ₱4,778,000, which is a dynamic crossover that combines sporty styling with a turbocharged engine for an engaging driving experience, featuring agile handling, a premium interior with leather seating, and the latest in connectivity and driver assistance technologies.

In addition, the RX 350h Executive, starting from ₱5,268,000, offers a blend of luxury, technology, and hybrid efficiency with an expansive interior, advanced safety systems, and a powerful yet efficient hybrid engine.

Lastly, the RZ 450e, the brand’s first fully electric model starting from ₱5,228,000, is a cutting-edge electric SUV that combines innovative technology with refined luxury, featuring a spacious and luxurious interior, advanced electric powertrain, and a suite of driver assistance features for a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Each model embodies the elegance, performance, and cutting-edge technology that Lexus is renowned for. These limited-time offers provide exceptional value and make it the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a new level of driving experience. Don’t miss out on experiencing luxury and innovation firsthand.

Transform your drive with sustainable technology and experience Lexus Electrified. For more details, visit the Lexus Manila showroom or at the special event at Rockwell Powerplant Mall from June 21 to June 23.

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