Rediscovering the skills of the Nissan Patrol


It’s been more than a decade when I last drove a Nissan Patrol. In fact, it’s been so long ago that that last Patrol I drove was the now-phased out Safari Edition. 

Today, Nissan wants to remind us of the heritage of its iconic go-anywhere 4×4 and has created a new campaign for it. Not surprisingly, it’s called “Go Anywhere” and Nissan has decided to put its money where its mouth is. 

To do just this, Nissan hosted the local motoring media on a bespoke on- and off-road drive with the vehicle to Taal, Batangas from Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. The three-day event put the Nissan Patrol to the test with two extremes — supreme luxury on road and ultimate 4×4 capabilty off road. 

One would think that those two seemingly opposing attributes would only be achievable by vehicles as legendary as a Range Rover. But the Patrol can do pretty much everything a true 4×4 can do. It is one of just a handful of vehicles that were true sport utility vehicles before even the term was coined.    

Participants were taken on an adventure that showcased the Patrol’s world-class sophistication and off-road capabilities on the same trip. A challenging off-road trail in Tagaytay Highlands demonstrated the vehicle’s Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist features. It also underscored the Patrol’s highly capable suspension and drivetrain, which made the vehicle a fixture in most of the world’s most grueling terrains and even the legendary Paris-Dakar Rally, where the Patrol notched up countless victories and class wins.   

“The right vehicle is a must for adventurers seeking high-adrenaline experiences. Our GoAnywhere campaign enables adventurers to pursue the adventures of their dreams and literally, go anywhere. Taal’s breathtaking scenery with its luxurious activities offer a great backdrop to display Nissan Patrol’s premium luxury and comfort, peerless off-road capabilities, and cutting-edge technology,” says Nissan Philippines Inc. president and managing director, Atsushi Najima.

The test drive demonstrated how the Patrol has evolved over 65 years to become one of the most legendary off-roaders ever built. With it, Nissan has constructed a worthy 4×4 heritage that stretches back more than 80 years. And it is this history that has allowed Nissan’s practical and robust pickups and SUVs empower their owners to go anywhere with power, confidence, and ease. 

The Nissan Patrol delivers a solid ride for daily drives and adventures with its powerful (and muscle car-sounding) 5.6-liter petrol V8 engine mated to a state-of-the-art seven-speed automatic transmission, a very effective Hydraulic Body Motion Control system which enables it to conquer the zig-zag roads of Taal with impressively flat cornering even at high speeds (while delivering a very un-SUV-like comfortably supple ride), and its supreme 4×4 capabilities that allow it to deal with any number of treacherous surfaces with supreme confidence. 

It also includes a suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies such as the Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Parking Guide to display a bird’s eye view to give utmost confidence in driving. 

The Patrol’s capabilities are matched by its upscale exterior. The fresh and modern design is headlined by blacked-out A-pillars, 20-inch alloy wheels, and Nissan’s signature V-Motion dynamic chrome grille to highlight an assertive road presence. Its interior is extremely well-appointed, with supple high-grade leather seats and a roomy three-row cabin that can seat up to eight people in a 2-3-3 seating configuration. The middle-row legroom rivals that of executive sedans.  

The Nissan Patrol retails for P3,888,000. It may seem pricey to some, but it’s tremendous value given its formidable array of features and skill sets — plus the fact that it’ll probably last forever. Most Patrols ever made are still running, and that alone stands testament to the sheer longevity of this vehicle. It’s a true classic, even standing brand-new on a showroom floor.

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