Autokid Truck Solutions offers Dongfeng line

As more commercial establishments and property developments are being built, the demand for larger trucks grows with it. Logistics providers, construction firms, mining companies, and the like need reliable transportation to carry large amounts of cargo to various locations. Not only do these businesses need to deliver their goods on time, but they need to do it securely and efficiently.

The medium-duty Dongfeng KR is highly maneuverable size and comes in a number of bodies include dropside, wingvan, dump, cement mixer, and boom type.

Autokid Truck Solutions is the authorized distributor of Dongfeng trucks, a trusted brand in China since 1969. Dongfeng develops and manufactures its own truck products – from engines to gearboxes, axles, cabs, and chasses– ensuring quality on both product integrity and after-sales service. Now expanding globally, the brand is providing an extensive selection of medium- and heavy-duty trucks for the Philippine market.

For medium-duty truck applications, the Dongfeng KR is a reliable solution that performs efficiently in many work environments. With its maneuverable size and multiple body options, the Dongfeng KR works well in urban and intercity transport, as well as medium-duty construction applications. Special truck bodies include dropside, wingvan, dump, cement mixer, and boom type. 

The Dongfeng KX is designed for heavy duty and for traveling over long distances.

For heavy-duty logistical needs, the Dongfeng KX is the latest generation of the brand’s trucks designed for long-distance transportation. Equipped with the latest powertrain, state-of-the-art intelligent systems and a 520-horsepower Cummins engine, the Dongfeng KX promises efficient, fast, and clean logistics solutions for businesses.

A more affordable variant is the Dongfeng KL, a popular logistics truck. The 10-wheeler tractor head variant features a reliable powertrain, smart safety and driving features, and a powerful 380-horsepower Cummins engine. Available in dropside and wingvan variants, the Dongfeng KL meets transport requirements in fast, clean, and dependable ways. Typical applications for the Dongfeng KL include care-intensive materials, refrigerated goods, agricultural products, and general cargo.

For heavy-duty construction needs, the Dongfeng KC dump truck is equipped with a strong powertrain, solid chassis, and a reliable 375- horsepower Cummins engine. The Dongfeng KC can be adapted to various assignments and is widely used for heavy construction site works, mining and other off-road operations.  

An Autokid dealership in Albay

The Dongfeng T-Lift Transit Mixer specializes in concrete and mortar transportation in urban, road, and other infrastructure and construction projects. Equipped with a 10 cubic-meter mixing tank and a powerful 340- horsepower Cummins engine, businesses can expect great fuel economy paired with a reliable and powerful performance.

Dongfeng trucks provide reliable automotive technology developed with craftsmanship and professionalism. Through Autokid Truck Solutions, Filipino businesses can now enjoy the overall convenience of Dongfeng’s high quality products and after-sales services.

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