5 things to love about the Ranger Raptor

Entrepreneur Cargean “Arr” Racho has always been a huge fan of the Ford Ranger and the F-150 Raptor, so when the Ranger Raptor was launched in the Philippines last year, he immediately started researching all the facts and specs of the much-awaited truck on various automotive websites.

Cargean “Arr” Racho has always been a huge fan of the Ford Ranger and the F-150 Raptor, so the Ranger Raptor is a perfect, logical choice.

“I loved the idea of having a performance pickup that I can use for my business and weekend 4×4 driving adventures,” shares Racho.

His love for the Ranger Raptor began when he first heard rumors about its development nearly three years ago. Since then, he became deeply interested in its features and capabilities, as he has owned a Ford Ranger already at that time. 

He enumerates five things he loves about his Ranger Raptor which has since become his daily drive at work and at play:

  1. Exterior: “The front fascia looks like it could eat off all cars for breakfast, which is good for me. Lame grills and looks just don’t fit my taste.” 
  2. Interior: “The interior feels supreme and it gives me this sports-car feeling all the time! The black interior is easy to fall in love with too. The bucket seats are comfortable as it holds me well, even while I’m doing hard corner turns or when trying to drift it during rally cross races.” 
  3. Engine: “The engine has plenty of grunt and power. You can feel its torque within 1,500 to 2,000rpm alone. For me, that’s quite exceptional. I use this engine power very often to suit my sporty and adventurous lifestyle.”
  4. Suspension: The suspension is great both on- and off-road. The same qualities that make it great for off-road make it great for paved roads, too. No journey is too far for this vehicle, as you only feel pleasure driving it.
  5. Overall ride: “I have driven other pickups and I happen to own the most comfortable pickup in the market today, the Ranger Wildtrak. It was the most comfortable truck until the Ranger Raptor came to my life. The Ranger Raptor’s ride is exceptional and comparable to the likes of luxury cars you may know.”

Ford Ranger Raptor Club Philippines

With his interest in the Ranger Raptor, Racho has found himself an active member of the Ford Ranger Raptor Club Philippines which is a group of Ranger Raptor owners and enthusiasts who have come together offline and online to celebrate their admiration of the pickup.

Members of the Ford Ranger Raptor Club Philippines

“As a 4×4 club, we conduct fun runs almost every month and are now organizing outreach activities in hard to reach areas and less-privileged societies. We want to help the communities whose homes are located in extremely hard-to-reach areas. These are the communities we always see when we set foot on top of a mountain,” says Racho. 

“Our 4×4 adventures aren’t always showcasing the power and capability of our Ranger Raptors. Most of the time, we also use these journeys to share and care for the environment too,” he adds.

To learn more about the Ranger Raptor, visit www.ford.com.ph/trucks/raptor/.

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