Waze shares insights and tips on how to maximize your Valentine’s Day

Here comes the sweetest time of the year again! While the atmosphere is abuzz with love, the streets are filled with heavy traffic as people around the metro are eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other.

Waze, the platform that brings together communities on and off the road, released today some insights on where Filipinos spend most of their time during Valentine’s day:

Insight #1: Food is the way to the heart

One of the keys to one’s heart is through their stomach. Thus, it comes as no surprise that most Filipinos take their dates out for a sumptuous meal on Valentine’s Day. Navigations to food locations grow significantly on February 14 compared to an average day.

Last year, dessert stores made the top of the list of most frequented by Filipinos during Valentine’s Day, with an 82% increase versus regular days. Restaurants and fast food joints ranked second and third, with 61% and 47% increases respectively. If you plan to celebrate with your significant other on these locations, do expect heavy traffic around the area. To get to your destination on time, you can check what time to leave with the help of Waze Planned Drives.

Insight #2: A date at the mall

Expressing your love does not only mean treating your significant other with great food on Valentine’s Day – it’s also about spending quality time through fun activities and experiences. In 2019, 23% of Filipinos chose to treat their loved ones at the mall while 31% went out to spend Valentine’s Day at the movies.

If you don’t want to get stuck in traffic, get creative and navigate your way around by considering other ways to spend your date. Exploring new destinations or planning an out-of-town road trip in advance is also another way to show your significant other how special they are to you.

Insight #3: Flowers for your love 

Flowers are a great way to express one’s love to their significant other. When it comes to buying them, however, Filipinos are leaving it to the last minute. According to Waze 2019 data, navigation to florists and flower shops grew higher by the day leading up to February 14th, with the highest spike in navigations on Valentine’s Day itself.  Hunting for other gift ideas in advance – instead of visiting the florist at the last minute – is ideal to avoid traffic. We hope that these insights have inspired ideas on how to navigate your way better to your loved one’s heart. For more information on Waze’s unique ads solutions and how loyalty can help your business to stand out to customers, please visit www.waze.com/business/

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