Sandwich features Raymund Marasigan cycling through traffic in newest music video ‘BUHOL-BUHOL’

There are some OPM songs that perfectly illustrate the state of traffic in Metro Manila. There’s Prettier Than Pink’s ‘Cool Ka Lang’, Juan dela Cruz’s ‘Beep Beep’ and, of course, the iconic roadtrip go to song of almost every ‘90s kid – Eraserheads’ ‘Overdrive’.

Although the songs premiered decades ago, most of us would still sing our hearts out whenever we hear them played on the radio. Every word in the song continues to hit home. 

Well, the good news is, there’s a new music video to add to the playlist that Filipino commuters who bypass the slow-paced traffic in the metro just to arrive on time to their destination can relate to.

In their music video ‘BUHOL-BUHOL’, Sandwich frontman Raymund Marasigan can be seen cycling through slow-moving traffic along Aurora Blvd., passing through one intersection after another.

In a series of tweets, the former Eraserheads drummer explained that the group couldn’t get the director they wanted for their newest music video because of a conflict of schedule.

His bandmate, Diego, then suggested to shoot a video of him walking through standstill traffic instead. However, Marasigan said that they’ve already done that in their music video ‘LAKAD’.

As an alternative, Marasigan decided to put on his helmet, attached a GoPro on his bike’s handle bar, and pedaled through Aurora Blvd. on a Friday morning.

“Without thinking it through, I woke up early the next day, jimmied a go pro on a selfie stick with a drum mount to the handle bar of my bike and pedaled to Marcos hi way. Oddly on that particular friday, there was no traffic in Marcos! I had to bike further to Aurora,” Marasigan said.

In a four-minute continuous shot, Marasigan can be seen overtaking vehicles without stopping or breaking any traffic laws.

“I took several  takes on the way back home to Marikina, and a few more in rush hour Katipunan that same afternoon,” he said.

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