Crime-proof your vehicle

Despite the ongoing pandemic, acts of road rage, criminality and terrorism continue on a daily basis.

For your own protection and peace of mind against threats of violence, IMPENETRA ARMOR PROTECTTIVE SYSTEMS (Impenetra) offers a viable solution. As a premier supplier of personal armor protection, they offer an array of bullet proofing, armoring and personal protective equipment are battle field tested and has been certified by the Comite Europeen de Normalisation 1063 (CEN 1063). IMPENETRA’s ballistic protection meets EU Standards BR6, BR4 and Road Rage protection. Level BR6 protects the occupants from assault rifles and handguns of up to .44 magnum.

Their current armoring protection program is available in Nissan and Toyota dealerships nationwide.  “We use lightweight composite ballistic panels which is the strongest in the World now,” says Paulo Villarta of IMPENETRA PH.  Their armoring is light, so suspension and engine modifications are no longer necessary. ‘Although with higher level of armoring, we may need to improve the vehicle’s overall performance,” added Villarta.

Aside from vehicle armoring, IMPENETRA PH also offers armored vehicle maintenance, leasing services for bulletproof vehicles, armored vehicle maintenance and after sales parts, tactical personal protective solutions and vehicle performance upgrade for safety solutions.

For details visit IMPENETRA’s Facebook @impenetraPH or log on to or call 0917-6363824/0920-9101111

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