Porsche, Puma set to ‘pre-release’ 911 Turbo sneakers—which will be gone in 2.7 seconds

Like the Porsche 911 Turbo itself, you have to be fast.

Porsche and Puma have collaborated in creating the Icons of Fast Collection, composed of eight sneaker models with designs inspired by all eight generations of the 911. The collection will be offered to customers starting Nov. 16 at the Porsche Design website in a pre-selling activity dubbed “The world’s fastest sneaker pre-release.” When the countdown clock on the website hits zero, a “buy now” button will appear beneath each of the shoe model. The button will appear for only 2.7 seconds—the same time it takes the new 911 Turbo S to sprint from rest to 100 km/h.

All pre-orders will come with a limited-edition poster inspired by the collection. Customers who are quick enough to click on the purchase button before this disappears are given 15 minutes to check out and complete their orders.

The limited-edition collection of shoes come in popular period-specific paint colors and other design cues of the 911 Turbo, such as the iconic sports car’s rear wing, light bars, interiors and body lines. Four of the sneakers appear to be based on the Puma Future Rider—an evolution of the brand’s Fast Rider running shoes of the 1980s that now has a slimmer outsole, bold color blocking and fitted with Puma’s ultra-comfortable Rider Sole—while the other four seem related to the Puma Speedcat, which in its original 1999 version was developed with motorsports outfit Sparco. 

Since its debut, the 911 Turbo has been a sports car that is revered for its looks as it is for its speed and sound. Nearly five decades and eight generations later, Porsche and Puma introduce it in an entirely new form.

The limited-edition Icons of Fast Collection will be released on Nov. 17 on Porsche Design and Puma US’s websites, and in select stores of both brands.

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