Tang, Anton clinch top spot in Phoenix Pulse FV1 Virtual Cup – Race 4

Julian Colvin Tang and Iñigo Anton emerged as champions in Race 4 of the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup, broadcast at the Tuason Racing Facebook Page last November 28 (Saturday).

Raced in the replica of the Laguna Seca racetrack, the battles in the Phoenix Pulse Formula V1 Virtual Cup Race 4 continued, with Tang and Anton mastering the field in the Reverse Grid Position of the PC-based Assetto Corsa game.

With a head-to-head battle against Jether Miole, Julian Colvin Tang was able to grab the top position in Race 4 AM Class and played it safe towards the end of the race, followed by Aldo Balagulan in 2nd place, and Andre Villanueva at 3rd spot in the Virtual Cup backed by Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., LG Philippines, BlueChem, Bendix, PC Express, and Family Mart.

Andre Varquez, set the fastest lap time of 01:34.512 in AM Class Category.

“It was a really tough race, at the same time, I was happy that I was able to gain the 1st place. Because starting from 9th place, it’s not very easy to climb up all the way to first. I thought I was going to get the 2nd place, then I realized that I was slowly catching up with the leader [Jether Miole],” said Tang.

In the PRO Class category, Iñigo Anton, Terrence Lallave, and Luis Moreno had a close battle for the top spot despite the slippery and challenging track of the replica of Laguna Seca, and had them earned the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

Rivera, however, set the fastest lap time of 01:32.279 in PRO Class category.

“Anticipating that I’ll be coming from the 10th place because of the reverse grid, I stayed calm even though there’s a pressure in climbing up to the top spot. When the race started, I managed to have keen first lap, and after that, I started to keep pushing. With my 15kg ballast, I have a difficulty in overtaking, but I just have to learn to adapt to it. On the last 3 to 4 laps, I had a great battle with Lallave. Eventually, I was able to chase and got him, and I was able to take the win after that,” said Anton.

Since physical races are not yet allowed due to community quarantine restrictions set by the government, Tuason Racing and Phoenix Pulse are bringing the Formula V1 series on the comfort and safety of the participants’ homes  via the Virtual Cup, also supported by Autocar, Auto Deal, C! Magazine, Inquirer Mobility, Time Attack Manila, and Wheels Philippines.

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