The three scooter tires you’ll ever need

In the Philippines – a land where traffic jams, potholes, and other road hazards rule – a scooter can change your life. These efficient, fast-accelerating, yet severely underrated machines have become one of the best options for 2-wheel driving in the country.

To make the most of a scooter, it’s important to pay attention to the tires. They must be able to handle stones, dirt, and potholes in wet and dry weather. There are many choices out there, so let’s be systematic about the decision-making process. Narrow it down to tires made for Philippine roads, and you arrive at CST Scooter Tires. “CST” stands for Cheng Shin Tires, the parent company of Maxxis Tires.

There are three CST Scooter Tires to keep your eye on: the C6501 Magsport, the C6528, and the C6577 Adreno. All three deliver excellent performance and traction on wet roads and corners, thanks to an engineered tread pattern specifically designed to eliminate the fear of the slide. In terms of wet performance, traction, stability, durability, and handling, they are all equally excellent. Even more so when the roads are dry. The hybrid compound, tread pattern design, bead engineering, and casing structure of CST Scooter Tires allow for a versatile and engaging riding experience for various uses and road conditions. However, It’s the specific qualities of each scooter tire that make them the perfect fit for a particular rider.

The C6501 Magsport is designed for city use. It’s the smartest choice for city commuting with all the slow-speed and quick stop-and-go driving, yet it can handle that occasional action-filled joyride to escape the city. The C6501 is available in 70/90-14, 80/90-14, and 90/90-14 sizes for tubed and tubeless configurations.

The C6528 is a hybrid sport and touring tire. Basically, it can thrive in the city, do a quick sprint to the café, and handle a days-long road adventure somewhere far away. If you fit this on a scooter, keep a GPS handy because you’ll find yourself taking off for days at a time. The C6528 is available in the following tubeless sizes: 80/80-14, 90/80-14, and 100/80-14.

Lastly, the Adreno C6577. Here, we err on the side of caution. Simply, these tires can do what the C6528 can, but it can handle more. It can literally go on racetracks because its special compound and tread construction have a wider contact patch on the road. It’s still a hybrid sport-and-touring tire, but it won’t fail you when you decide to blast from point A to point B or book a circuit track day. The Adreno is available in: 80/80-14 TL, 90/80-14 TL, 100/80-14 TL, 70/90-14 TL, 80/90-14 TL, 90/90-14 TL, and 70/90-14 TT.

There are plenty of tire choices out there for scooters. The trick is to choose the one that’s right for you, but because we all know everyday is different from the day before, choose tires that can handle the change in plans.

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