Mober pioneering first electric delivery van fleet in PH

Filipino tech-logistics start-up Mober, is continuing its innovation in the logistics industry with the launch of the first electric delivery van fleet in the Philippines.

Founded in 2016 by technology pioneer, Dennis Ng, Mober Technology Inc. has been a trendsetter in logistics since day one. The company was initially established as an on-demand delivery app, designed to help solve the logistics challenges of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Mober Same Day Delivery app served SMEs that needed to transport goods but did not have available delivery vehicles.

Following the tremendous success of the app and after observing the underutilization of many delivery vans amid traffic congestion, Mober launched a delivery service to help SME’s transport their products. This was a bold move by Ng to consolidate deliveries, optimize delivery routes, and lessen its vehicles on the road.

However, it didn’t end there. Driven by his desire to reduce carbon emissions as well as to address the rising cost of fuel, Ng partnered with electric mobility solutions provider, eSakay, to deploy a fleet of electric delivery vans to serve its customers.  eSakay is a Meralco company dedicated to modernizing and electrifying transport systems for private and public sector customers throughout the Philippines.

Despite their ‘eco-friendliness’, electric vehicles (EVs) are currently more expensive than typical internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in terms of acquisition cost. Nevertheless, an electric vehicle pays for itself over time as the operating expenses of EVs are significantly less than ICE vehicles (i.e. lower electricity spend vs. fuel spend, lower maintenance costs, etc.).

When asked about the motivation for adding electric vans to its fleet, Ng explained: “We want to set a set an example in the Philippine logistics industry and do our part in reducing our carbon emissions. Our primary goal has always been to provide efficient service. Having a fleet of electric delivery vehicles, means that we can continue to be efficient, while reducing our carbon footprint.”

It is our pleasure and privilege to have Mober as our strategic partner in our continuing drive to propagate electric vehicles in the Philippines. Mober is indeed a trailblazer in the logistics space, and their move to deploy these electric cargo vans further underscores that distinct position. It also conveys a strong message and a clear example that a positive and meaningful impact on climate change can be realized in the Philippine logistics industry, said Meralco Chief Sustainability Officer and eSakay President and CEO, Raymond B. Ravelo.

Ng Added “ Mober is set to transform its entire fleet to be 100% electric by 2030, We will be deploying Electric trucks with a 4,500 kgs capacity too”

Mober’s electric delivery fleet boasts a service coverage area of 250 kms and serves Metro Manila areas. Mober is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and has outlined plans to secure a mixed fleet of electric vans and trucks by 2030. Consequently, the company is looking to partner with companies that are serious about reducing their carbon footprint.

Ng Added “ Mober is set to transform its entire fleet to be 100% electric by 2030, We will be deploying Electric trucks with a 4,500 kgs capacity too”

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