One will always need a pickup truck—and the Ford Ranger is a proven option

I first met the Ford Ranger in 1999 when I was in elementary school. I remember it vividly because it was owned by my classmate’s father and he used that to take my friend to school. One day I arrived at the same time as them and my dad had a small chat with him about the truck.

“Oo pare, bago. Binili ko ng cash kasi pa-birthday ko sa sarili ko. Nakatapos na sa ibang bayarin eh.

It was distinct to me because as a kid, the concept of ‘rewarding yourself’ was new, as was my knowledge of cars. I didn’t know a lot, all I saw was a squarish pickup truck that was certainly not as sexy or curvaceous as a Mustang. It was bulky, rectangular—and why do you need that large empty space at the back? My arrogance (and ignorance) knew no bounds. 

Fast forward to entering the motoring scene in my mid-20s, I became realistic about my interest in cars. The ones I used to like are not practical – they have big engines that consume too much fuel, are too expensive, or cannot be a daily driver or family car. This is where I leaned towards crossovers and hatchbacks because they’re 5-seaters with a good cargo space and if you need more, you can just fold the back seat.

I don’t know if it comes with age but I started moving bigger and heavier things when I turned 30 earlier this year. Folding seats and the decrease in passenger capacity are becoming a burden. One day, out of nowhere, I thought of pickups and went back to my elementary friend’s dad. This must be why he chose the Ford Ranger as a gift for himself.

He was an early adopter because he took that Ford Ranger only one year after its introduction in the Philippines in 1998. There were other choices at the time but the Ranger stood out for its lineage—it came from a brand with one hundred years of expertise in creating tough and capable trucks.

The same legacy it built in other countries bloomed in the Philippines as well. By improving on it one step at a time, Ford was able to make a formidable offering that in 2014, the Ford Ranger became the number 1 pickup truck in the country with a 32.7-percent market share. It has consistently remained in the top-three in the succeeding years and just last year, it reached another milestone as it became the bestselling 4×4 pickup truck with a 41-percent market share.

Its continued success not only made the Ford Ranger name iconic in the country, it also paved the way for the introduction of a beast. In 2018, Ford Philippines brought in the Ranger Raptor that’s unlike any pickup in the market. It had a new engine, sport shocks, and an off-road ready attire straight out of the showroom. Just two years after its debut, 10,000 Ranger Raptors ply through different paved and unpaved paths in the Philippines. Add to this the numerous ‘Best Pickup’ awards it got over the years, while the Ranger has been lauded as the Best in Design and Safety Features in the Pickup category, and it only further cements the Ranger as a do-it-all in the Philippine market.

The warm welcome to the Ranger Raptor made Ford Philippines bring in other niche variants like the Raptor X, FX4, and FX4 Max, bringing the total number of trims to 15 – making sure you’ll find one that suits your needs and budget.

Like most relationships, having a Ford Ranger is a two-way street. The truck helps you with your needs, but it also empowers you to do more which they call as “Live the Ranger Life.” It’s strength and engineering prowess reflect your personal goals and drive in life, centered around five guiding values:

Up and over — there’s no challenge we don’t tackle head on. When we see a mountain range we want to go over, not around. This is true of our truck, users, Ford and partners.

Can’t help but help — We are doers. We pitch in. When people need help or assistance we’re always there. On the building site, helping friends or loved ones, or our dealers within their local communities.

Where there isn’t a path, carve one — we are the truck that redefined the category. We don’t wait for others to lead. We have a vision and objective and we’re fearless in what we need to do to achieve our goals.

Bring others along the journey — it’s great to work hard and achieve recognition, but even better to share it with those who mean the most – our family and friends.

We make our own fun — there’s no such thing as all work and no play. And when it’s time to play, we know how to make the most of those opportunities. Our truck is awesome and fun to drive.

If I’ll imitate my friend’s dad and reward myself big time, I’ll also go for something that can do it all and the Ford Ranger is undoubtedly the best option. Its lineage from Ford’s long history, together with bold design, great capability, versatility, smart technologies, and ‘Built Ford Tough’ characteristics make the Ranger unmatched in its category.

But more than anything, it’s all about confidence. The Ford Ranger assures you that it can take you anywhere there’s rock or soil. You can even ask owners from the other 180 countries it’s being sold and they’ll tell you the same thing – you can focus on the path you’ll take and leave the rest to the Ford Ranger.

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