Buy used cars with confidence with Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty

Anyone thinking of buying a used car probably heard of this advice before – bring your own mechanic. This has been a valuable tip even before online marketplaces have established themselves in the Philippines. Not everyone is a car nut, nor can you be one in an instant if you decide you need a car. Being accompanied by someone knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the car will give you further assurance that what you’re getting is a solid car and not a hunk of junk with a newly painted exterior.

But not everyone has a friend who’s knowledgeable; more so a mechanic, and oftentimes you’ll be left on your own. Carousell knows this and that’s why they took an extra step with their car listings and partnered with Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI), the premier provider of both inspection and warranty service of used cars for sale in the Philippines to launch Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty. With this initiative, PWSPI will provide its comprehensive 188-point inspection process to secondhand vehicles listed on Carousell Autos.  Listed used automobiles that have undergone PWSPI’s inspection process will carry the Carousell Autos “Inspected” badge. Qualified vehicles will also carry an “Eligible for Warranty” badge where buyers can simply select from a specific list if they want to purchase used cars with warranty. So that you don’t have to keep scrolling the sea of listings just to check which cars have undergone PWSPI’s checking.

Conducting the checkup will be PWSPI’s trained technicians that adhere to Japanese standards of quality. They follow a 188-point inspection that looks into a car’s mechanical and electrical functions in and out of the vehicle but will also take a peek into the body frame itself, engine bay, undercarriage, and even the car’s registration. You will see if there’s a mismatch in the paperwork or if a certain component is damaged or not working. They perform a thorough check from the simplest things like headlights, fog lights, power windows, to as deep as quarter panel and running board weldings, engine mounting, transmission case, steering tie rod, even fluid levels, and any undesirable noise or vibrations. 

Their findings will be compiled in a FREE detailed report that you can easily access from the car’s product page. It’s divided into the main categories – registration, exterior, interior and equipment, engine hood, and undercarriage. You will see if its demerits from the 188-point checkup are okay, like if the tires need to be replaced or they are major issues that you should pass up on like if the frame has damage.

The “Inspected” badge is a no-cost benefit that will allow us to make more informed decisions regarding our purchase, have peace of mind during the canvassing stage, and will erase doubts for possible surprise breakdowns once we take it to our garage. 

What’s more, cars that have gone through PWSPI’s inspection will be eligible for Premium Warranty for a worry-free ownership experience. Their service plans start at only P22.80 a day for a 1-year comprehensive warranty. This will cover repairs for over 200 parts that you can claim from accredited auto repair shops nationwide.

The partnership between Carousell and PWSPI is a turning point for car buyers in the Philippines. The pandemic has put emphasis on how vital the used car market is for personal mobility in the country. By ensuring the quality of second hand cars for sale in the listings, it will lessen any doubt one may have about a particular unit. Add to that its eligibility for a comprehensive warranty that’s affordable and one will have less to spend and more to enjoy their new car. Learn more about Carousell Autos Inspected here.

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