Ford Ranger owners share their stories: How to Live the Ranger Life

The Ford Ranger has been in the Philippines since 1998, and over the years, it has proven itself to be a dependable pickup truck. So much so that it was able to empower its owners into doing more than they thought possible. The owners themselves reflect the strengths and capabilities of the Ranger into themselves which Ford calls ‘Live the Ranger Life’. This includes tackling challenges head-on, never hesitating to help, carving their own path, bringing others along for the ride, and making their own fun – all of which allows them to do more and achieve their goals.

But all these words are gibberish unless you hear from actual owners for Ford Ranger themselves. A month ago, we asked owners the stories behind their pickups and how they Live the Ranger Life. Here are the 5 best anecdotes that hopefully, inspire others to go beyond and enjoy life further.

Nathaniel Renz

In the age of smartphones, photography might be a trivial thing but it’s an arduous process for the professionals immersed in the art. Nathaniel Renz knows it and depends on his Ranger as his workhorse and daily ride.

“As a professional photographer, having a Ford Ranger has really helped me with my work. It really [helped] me travel faster and safely to my destinations.”

Jessica Soliman

Jessica is a proud owner of a Ford Ranger Raptor over the past two years. The comfortable ride and generous space inside are her favorite features of her pickup truck and made travelling easier.

“Imagine the roads I travelled, places I’ve been to, and memories I made. Distance was never an issue for me and my family. Thanks to my Ford Raptor – everything was possible.”

Cef Flores

We’re not sure if Cef Flores is a Vin Diesel fan, but for him, the Ford Ranger is for his family. They use it as their daily transport but also in their business and at their farm. His father, who’s already a senior citizen, is in awe of the pickup’s steering which they say is very easy to drive.

“My #Rangerlife is all about family. Our ford ranger XLT is my gift to my parents for all the sacrifices and hard work they did to raise us!” He added that his most memorable experience was “when I saw my father and mother’s smile and excitement the first time they [saw] it and [drove] it out.”

Marc A.

If you’re wondering how a pickup can empower a driver, it’s best to ask Marc. His daily ride is a 9-year old Ford Ranger XLS 4×4 that regularly carries construction materials and industrial tires. It also often sees unconquered paths as he and his friends go to different camps and trails for glamping, aside from the nature of his business that involves rough terrains. There was also one moment where he tackled a challenge head-on with his Ford Ranger.

“The first time I took the Ranger river crossing with waters reaching over the hood was definitely one for the books. It being my first time, it was almost as terrifying as it was exciting; simply because there was no backing out in the middle of the river. If anything, it made me appreciate the Ranger even more as it has become more than just a pickup truck”

Joey Paraguya

The Ranger Life doesn’t only revolve around the owner, it also involves others and Joey Paraguya does it in two different ways. First is by making others choose a Ranger too. He had a close call with a cliff in the past because he lost traction when climbing up a steep unpaved slope. He immediately switched to 4×4 mode despite having no off-roading experience and as expected, he lived to tell his tale and made others choose the Ford Ranger too.

The second way he involves others is through giving and only Joey can say it best.

“Every Christmas, my Ranger is like Santa’s sleigh, it is loaded full of gifts. It has been my family’s tradition to drive around the city and through the provinces from north to south every Christmas. We give out gifts to anyone we come across especially the ones who have nothing for Christmas. We also get involved in local charities from time to time and my Ranger is also a member of FRCG (Ford Ranger Cebu Group) which we share the same advocacy. “

Our vehicles are our trusty companions that we use to go from one point to another, but these 5 examples certainly prove that it can be more than that. For owners who Live the Ranger Life, it means pushing the limits to achieve your goals, whether they are for yourself or others. And with the Ford Ranger family growing day by day, Ford’s ‘Built Ford Tough’ pick-up will for sure continue to be a major player in the country’s local automotive industry.

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