Sankei 555 shares helpful tips to keep a vehicle’s steering and suspension system in best condition

As a helpful and useful machine for transportation, your vehicle is subject to the usual wear and tear. You may not be fully aware, but there are some driving habits that could cause unnecessary strain to specific parts of the vehicle, especially the steering and suspension systems.

For school bus operators and those owning vehicles that provide transport service to students, these days are particularly important as face-to-face classes finally resume in the coming school year, after two years of online classes. As everyone prepares for the school opening in the coming weeks, BSB Junrose, the local distributor of Sankei 555 Steering & Suspension Parts, shares these helpful tips in taking care and maintaining vehicles’ steering and suspension systems.

Drive carefully and slowly when there are road bumps and holes.

Despite government efforts to keep the roads in the best condition, there are still many areas where there are holes and bumps along highways and street roads. School buses, vans, SUVs, or cars can surely handle those inevitable road issues, but take note that frequently hitting those hazards can eventually cause possible wheel misalignments and potential damage to suspension parts. Thus, it is a must to always drive more carefully and slowly when passing through such roads.

Keep your hands more on the steering wheel when driving.

Many drivers, especially of vehicles with manual transmission are not fully conscious that they may already be resting their hand more on the gear lever. The gear stick connects directly to the vehicle’s control rod. Your arm’s weight could push the car’s selector forks against gears unnecessarily, leading to wear. Make it a habit to keep both hands on the steering wheel as often as possible when driving.

Always use the vehicle’s parking brake.

The hand brake or emergency brake must always be used whenever the vehicle is being parked—not just when parking on hills or slopes. It facilitates an added safety and secured hold when parking. Moreover, this practice helps protect the vehicle’s transmission and other parts.

Know the simple signs of possible damage to steering or suspension.

Be aware of the common warning signs when there are possible steering and suspension issues. Is the steering wheel shaking or vibrating when you are driving? Are there noises produced when turning your vehicle’s steering wheel? Is the vehicle pulling to a side when you are driving it? Do you notice squeaking, clunking, or banging sounds under the hood? Is there excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel?  

“Some driving habits and delays in regular vehicle maintenance procedures could bring about or worsen problems that could affect handling, steering, and suspension,” said Benjamin Bangayan Jr, President of BSB Junrose, a local distributor of the best and most trusted autoparts brands.

“You can protect your vehicle’s steering and suspension by observing ideal driving habits. When there are inevitable issues caused by the usual wear and tear, among the most

recommended steering and suspension parts in the market today come from the leader, Japan’s Sankei Industry Co. Ltd. We distribute ‘Made in Japan’ Sankei 555 Steering and Suspension Parts. Steering and suspension parts are safety items. When it comes to safety and lives of passengers, second best should not be good enough,” he added.

Available from the Sankei 555 brand are Rack & Pinion Steering Type, Front Suspension & Steering Linkage Type, and joints steering parts—including tie rod end, rack end, arm shaft, idler arm, side rod, control arm, pitman arm, ball joint, stabilizer link, and cross rod that are all directly imported from the Japanese manufacturer. These carry Japanese engineering, manufacturing processes, and precision care.

“For decades now, Sankei 555 has successfully endured the toughest roads in the Philippines. It has proven its reliability and is still providing itself today. That’s why the brand is the leading in the country, in terms of steering and suspension. You may not be aware but Sankei 555 could already be installed in your car, keeping you and your passengers safe all the time. Thus, it should be your top choice for parts replacements,” Bangayan concluded.

Visit any of BSB Junrose’s authorized resellers now to inquire about and purchase steering and suspension parts from Sankei 555.

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