ANGKAS MALAKAS video marks Angkas comeback and renewed commitment to the Filipinos

Filipinos traditionally draw strength from their loved ones to survive, weathering tragedies, bearing with a tiring job, and braving the long and horrendous daily commute. The capacity to persevere and be resilient boils down to family. At the same time, the Filipino family—and their breadwinner— can even become more supportive and resourceful if they have a company, a brand, or an organization that they can rely on. One with a proven track record, and who has fought hard to be with them.

That someone is Angkas, which has always been at the forefront of helping improve the lives of Filipino commuters and empowering motorcycle riders. Their strong commitment to their partner-riders and their loved ones were seen even before the pandemic, and more so during the lockdowns.

Now, stronger than ever, Angkas is ready to hit the road anew to continue participating in nation- building by providing a stable livelihood to its 23,000 riders, and reliable, safe transportation service to millions of commuting Filipinos.

Over 23,000 Angkas Kagulongs are set to make a full return to provide safe and reliable transportation service to Filipinos

The video, which also features different individuals young and old who are all equally eager for Angkas’ return, has earned hundreds of comments from their followers. However, what leaves a solid commitment to the audience is the parting line: ”Sa Angkas, malakas ka.”

“We have been providing solutions for and with the kagulongs and the commuters before and during the pandemic. And now that we are easing into the new normal, we will still be with the Filipinos, as we always have been, in moving past the pandemic and in going full throttle on the road,” says Angkas CEO, George Royeca.

Marking this comeback is the quirky “Angkas Malakas” campaign video which has almost 320,000 views (to date) on their official Facebook page since its launch last August 5.

Viral internet star Dante Gulapa brought his signature dance moves to stir eager riders in Angkas, Malakas video

Featuring internet personality Dante Gulapa and his famous dance moves, the video serves as a welcome breather after all that the nation has been through the last two years. It is a mirror of the common anticipation for Angkas’ full return, especially in the seeming normalcy of congested traffic. Offering a mixture of a good laugh and visual points for reflection, the video is also a staunch reminder that Filipinos have someone like Angkas that will always strive to return and help them in difficult times.

“This new campaign video is our tribute to those who have been with us through the years. This is our way of showing that whether they realize it or not, they have made a significant contribution in making us stronger, in inspiring us to push harder in uplifting other Filipinos, and in serving the country whatever time it may be,”  Royeca says.

Launched during Cinemalaya 2022, the “Angkas Malakas” campaign video will be shown in select partner Ayala Malls and SM Malls Cinema from August 10 to 16, 2022. The video will screen in Ayala Centrio and Ayala Glorietta’s Cinema 4, Ayala Trinoma’s Cinema 1, Ayala Manila Bay’s Cinema 9, Ayala Capitol Cental’s Cinema, and in SM Megamall’s Cinema 5, SM Baguio’s Cinema 2, SM Clark’s Cinema 6, SM Dasmariñas’ Cinema 1, and SM Legazpi’s Cinema 4 on the aforementioned dates.

The new campaign video is the mirror of the common anticipation for Angkas’ full return, especially in the seeming normalcy of congested traffic.

Pioneering the motorcycle taxi industry in 2016, Angkas gave it the beginnings of legitimacy and professionalization by shouldering the safety training of about 100,000 riders (to date) but carefully selecting for employment only the 30% who passed its test.

Like other transport groups, a good portion of the Kagulongs were also deeply affected by limitations brought about by the pandemic.

Now, nearly three years later, Angkas riders who stopped their livelihood can now go back on the road and continue serving the Filipinos by offering safe and reliable transportation services. In a win-win situation, passengers will feel that their mobility services are being taken care of, riders keep their livelihood, and all their families will experience a sense of community and financial empowerment.

Angkas CEO George Royeca looks at the Angkas Malakas video as a tribute to all those who have made a significant contribution in inspiring them to continue serving the Filipino

Watch the full video:

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