What you need to know about Givi top boxes

There are several accessories for motorcycles. Whether for you as a rider or for the motorcycle itself, you’ll more likely find the end of a rainbow than finding the last accessory you’ll ever buy for your motorbike.

But among the bevy of motorcycle accessories out there, top boxes are probably the most functional and practical. The additional cargo space for your bike – whether it’s a scooter or a rather big displacement motorcycle – adds a certain level of freedom, especially if you’re riding on a daily basis.

Givi is among the widely used top boxes in the Philippines. But did you know that the company was founded by a Grand Prix racer? That and more facts about Givi top boxes as you read along below.

An Italian brand

Givi is an Italian brand of motorcycle accessories, founded by no less than a former Italian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer named Giuseppe Visenzi, hence, the GIVI brand name. 

Visenzi’s best year in motorsport was in 1969 when he finished third in the 350cc World Championship. After that, he retired at the end of the 1970 season.

In 1983, Visenzi invented the first motorcycle top box and called it the Givi E34. That was the birth of the Givi brand as we know it today, the very launch of the modern-day motorcycle accessories business.

What separates Givi top boxes?

Givi has a wide range of weather-proof, aerodynamic top box choices, either made from plastic or aluminum. All Givi top cases come with hard-to-tamper locks in various forms, including Givi’s patented Monokey locking system. 

Of note, plastic Givi top boxes are made from a lightweight polymer material, with the case itself designed to be attached to the motorcycle in a cinch.

All Givi motorcycle accessories are produced in company-owned manufacturing facilities located in various countries worldwide.

Beyond top cases

The Givi brand isn’t limited to just top cases. With its three decades of manufacturing experience, the company’s product range has grown to include hard bags (i.e. tank bags, saddle bags, and tail bags), soft bags (backpacks and waist packs), windscreens, helmets, and other accessories that riders may need.

Givi top boxes and motorcycle accessories are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Mworld Trading. You can buy Givi products at MotoWorld, MotoMarket, MotoStyle, and official MotoWorld online stores (https://motoworld.com.ph, Shopee, and Lazada).

Shop for Givi motorcycle accessories and LS2 helmets at motoworld.com.ph and use the code LS2Givi15 to enjoy up to 15 percent discount on LS2 and Givi products until October 8, 2022, only.

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