A race to remember: TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Vios Cup’s high-revving finale

Toyota Motor Philippines concluded this year’s TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) Vios Cup with an unforgettable final weekend.

Around 55 racers across the Super Sporting, Sporting, and Promotional classes of Circuit Championship and Autocross Challenge all gathered at the Clark International Speedway last Saturday, yet again for the ultimate finale of this year’s TGR Vios Cup season.

It was a season finale to remember as many of the last leg’s teams ultimately sustained their momentum to win podium finishes for their racing teams. Successfully pushing the pedal to the metal are the second leg’s top finishers, who took home the championship for their respective categories.

Some of the race challenges in the latter part of the racing day witnessed extreme racing conditions as the rain started to pour at the Clark International Speedway. This made every class’ win even more worth all the strategic clutches and drifts throughout the wet speedway.

For Race 9’s Promotional Class winners, it was Jay Lao of OTR Racing Team who ultimately won the top podium finish, with Ian Rosales of Toyota Team Cebu placing second, and Alain Alzona of Alzona Racing Team taking the third spot.

Sporting Class racer Joaquin Garrido of the Obengers Racing Team championed Race 9, with Michael Keilani Jordan of Jordan Racing Team finishing second, and Jiro Garbes of Toyota San Fernando completing the top 3.

It was quite an eventful weekend for the Obengers Racing Team as Inigo Anton also bagged the top spot for Race 9’s Super Sporting Class, with Red Diwa finishing second, and John Dizon, also from Obengers Racing, finishing in third.

Circuit Championship winners; (L-F) Michael Feilani Jordan of Jordan Racing Team, Ian Rosales of Toyota Team Cebu, Red Diwa of JBT Racing / Toyota Isabela, Alain Alzona of Alzona Racing – Toyota General Santos, Inigo Anton of Toyota North Edsa – Obengers Racing, Joaquin Garrido of Toyota Otis – Obengers Team, John Dizon of Obengers – Funhanmart, and Jiro Garbes of JBT Racing / Toyota San Fernando

Autocross Challenge racers also had their fair share of the wild turns at the tracks, but this did not stop the previous leg’s winners from still finishing in their respective top spots.

For the Media Promotional Class, Pablo Salapantan still finished on top, with Siegwald Go advancing to second place and Riz Javier claiming the third spot. Media Sporting Class also saw Jan Lacuna keeping his podium spot, with Ronald Delos Reyes and Kevin Franciso finishing second, and third respectively.

The influencers also showed what they got when it came to being the star on the race track. Bringing home the Promotional Class top spot was Miguel Romulo, who bested two other strong contenders, Ashley Gosiengifiao, who finished second, and Carla Lizardo, who took third place.

It was a quick rise to the top spot for Enzo Pineda, who championed the Influencer Sporting Class, with Jules Aquino and Aaron Villaflor eventually claiming the second and third spots, respectively.

In the GR GT Cup Class of Autocross Challenge, Russel Reyes was champion whose performance upgraded from being second during the previous leg to now gaining the top spot, became a challenging yet fulfilling feat. Jether Miole finished second, while Mark Elman claimed the third spot.

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