Isuzu D-MAX continues to reign in the Pickup Truck segment

Isuzu, the acclaimed No.1 truck brand in the Philippines for 22 consecutive years, has proven its dominance once again as Isuzu D-MAX won the Pickup of the Year title in the 18th Annual C! Awards. Being hailed as Pickup of the Year for the second time in a row confirms the superiority of Isuzu D-MAX in the pickup truck segment. The Annual C! Awards is one of most prestigious awards in the automotive industry where the “best of the best” is chosen in each segment. All nominees have undergone comprehensive review and actual tests by the jury consisted of C! Magazine’s editorial team who has driven and meticulously examined the vehicles.

While it’s already common for pickup trucks to have powerful engines, sporty designs, and large cargo capacities because of their usual function as a workhorse vehicle, the 3rd-generation Isuzu D-MAX has taken the pickup segment into a whole new level by introducing first-in-its-class advanced safety features and a more comfortable interior design. And based on the thorough assessment of the C! Magazine jury, its advanced safety features, excellent interior design combined with its dynamic engine performance and enhanced functionality are what made Isuzu D-MAX the best-in-class pickup truck again for 2022.

Apart from serving looks, Isuzu also made it clear through its stand-out features that Isuzu D-MAX now has a broader target market scope. With its Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) with SMART DUO CAM, a unique feature in its class which provides full assistance to the driver and the new overall interior design exuding comfort and convenience, the Isuzu D-MAX proves that it also makes a reliable and safe family vehicle that every adventurous family should own.

From left: C! Magazine Editor-in-Chief Ardie Lopez; C! Magazine President Kevin Limjoco; IPC President Noboru Murakami; IPC Assistant Division Head for Sales Robert Carlos

And beyond these award-winning features, the supremacy of Isuzu in the pickup truck segment is also based on several other factors.

•          Isuzu offers complete package to customers. When buying an Isuzu product, customers are not only acquiring a durable vehicle, but also peace of mind. Known for its easily accessible parts and excellent service, Isuzu makes it a point to take care of customers all throughout their journey with Isuzu vehicles.

•          With the uncertainties that Filipinos are currently facing, it is best to have a partner vehicle that has value for money. The Isuzu D-MAX can double as a family vehicle and a business workhorse with its practical functions. And with its impressive 20.58 km/L fuel efficiency rating, it gives the driver confidence and satisfaction of driving a budget and environment-friendly vehicle.

•          Isuzu has been providing the best transport solutions to people by providing safe, comfortable, and sustainable vehicles. And IPC has always been keen on continuous improvement, assuring customers that IPC will always provide the best products and services to Filipinos.

Isuzu D-MAX is hailed as the superior pickup truck not only in the Philippines, but also in many other countries, proving that the quality of Isuzu D-MAX is recognized worldwide. For two consecutive years, Isuzu D-MAX bested all its competitors in the pickup truck segment because of its unmatched features and the overall package that Isuzu offers to customers as part of being a responsible partner to Filipinos.

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