Experiencing Japan (and Takumi craftsmanship) with Lexus at Mitsukoshi BGC

The beautiful country of Japan may be more open now than it has even been in this pandemic, but you may find that you can get more than a delectable taste of the Land of the Rising Sun simply by walking through the welcoming doors of the brand new Mitsukoshi building in BGC, just a stone’s throw away from Grand Hyatt Hotel and Uptown Mall.

Entering the gleaming interior makes you feel like entering a Mitsukoshi store or mall in the heart of Shinjuku or Ginza—but in BGC. You see newly opened Seiko and Citizen watch stores (the former offering a fair number of beautiful Grand Seiko timepieces). There are several Japanese or Japan-themed restaurants, eateries, and even a supermarket. Then there’s my favorite—Kinokuniya Bookstore, which operates in partnership with Fully Booked.

But the piece de resistance of Mitsukoshi BGC is the Lexus display at the ground floor, which proudly showcases the latest electrified models from the Japanese luxury carmaker.

The new location—less than 500 meters from the landmark Lexus showroom and dealership in BGC—will be the home of Lexus Electrified vehicles showcasing the brand’s heritage, sensibilities, and design inspirations that symbolize the new Lexus DNA of craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.

A very aggressive front end is accompanied by graceful, elegant lines in the timelessly beautiful Lexus ES executive sedan. A pleasant surprise is learning that this midsize sedan now starts at P3,838,000. And that’s already for the Hybrid Executive variant.

 At the time of my visit, there was a stunning rose gold-hued (Lexus calls it Copper Crest) all-new RX on centerstage. The RX was accompanied by a very elegant and dapper black ES midsize executive sedan. Living up to being the home of Lexus Electrified, the display’s two vehicles were both Hybrid versions. A space for a third car was taken up by space for the guests for the media presentation, but expect to see three cars on display most of the time. 

The vehicle display space is as stylish as the vehicles themselves, expressed in the distinctive “spindle grille” that has become a design icon for the brand.

Intricately woven in Cebu, it has been crafted to transform into a Nest Box, using local materials such as Capiz shells, rattan, natural wood, which are also found in the furniture, lighting fixtures, and general décor of the space. The columns, wrapped with natural, local wood, hold up the focal point of the space. 

L to R: Lexus Philippines Vice Chairman Dr. David Go; Lexus Manila Inc. Vice Chairman Vince Socco, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, Lexus Manila Inc. Chairman Alfred V. Ty, Lexus Philippines President Atsuhiro Okamoto, Lexus Manila Inc. President Raymond Rodriguez, Lexus Philippines Senior Vice President for Marketing Jing Atienza

 With each Lexus vehicle crafted to always challenge expectations, Lexus at Mitsukoshi BGC follows suit. It defies what you would expect in a typical car showroom.

 The space will hold special bespoke events exclusive to Lexus customers as well as offer Lexus merchandise, sportswear, Japanese traditional crafts and creations. Customers can enjoy the Lexus experience in the beautiful lounge while taking in the view of the Lexus vehicles on display.

 The Lexus Spirit of “Crafted” goes beyond being seen. The fusion of “Omotenashi,”the Japanese term for giving the utmost care of one’s guest, and the legendary Filipino world-class warmth and hospitality is an experience to be enjoyed. Visit Lexus at Mitsukoshi BGC and enjoy the nest of both worlds.

 To learn more, visit the Lexus website at lexus.com.ph or visit our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. You may also download the MyLEXUS App available on both Android and iOS users to receive live updates and access other premium services.

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